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“Opal, whenever I see you, you’re always doing something creative!” Is what my aunt said, when she saw me in South Carolina. That aunt happens to be my favorite, and I only see her twice yearly since she lives in Florida.  “My hands need to stay busy otherwise I get bored!” was my response

And that’s the truth, the only times when my hands are are resting is when I’m sleeping…

Throughout the day, my hands do stay active whether I’m playing with my daughter, completing work for clients, working in our garden, which involves harvesting, weeding, flicking off bugs, and tilling the soil I also keep my hands active with my creative crafts. These days, most of my reading is done via audio books. I have the audio books playing while I’m doing housework, or working on a craft.

Idle hands are the devil’s handiwork

As a child, I remember hearing my mother say that a few times. You might have heard that expression too. My mothers hands are rarely idle, my father is the same way. Because it’s a motto I liked, I’ve stuck with it. Of course, part of my active time, is spent working with crafts I enjoy. That counts right?

I guess my hands need to get active with my 17″ MacBook Pro, right? I haven’t fixed that yet, perhaps tomorrow…

Just for fun, I decided to include a list of crafts that have kept my hands active since last Tuesday. I need to set up a photo editing software program on this desktop computer, so I can share the pictures here. Because if I’m honest with myself, I most likely won’t get around to fixing my laptop until this weekend.

Crafts that have kept my hands active since last Tuesday

  1. Two preemie knitted beanie hats for local hospital; for those interested in doing something similar call your local hospital and see if they accept crocheted and knitted preemie caps. Several hospitals have charity related groups that donate handcrafted items to other areas of the hospital such as PICU (pediatric intensive care unit).
  2. Knitted bedroom slippers for me. Shocking I know, I rarely make items for myself. My crafts are usually for others. I also crocheted some flowers onto the slippers. I made the slippers differently, since I didn’t knit in the round. I knitted straight, and sewed up the seams. The knitted slippers were simple to make, I used a basic rib stitch; k3, p3. The project is simple, and would make excellent Christmas gifts or “thinking of you gifts”. Next time, I’m going to get more fancy, and do something with cables and perhaps a bit of Fair isle (making patterns with different colored yarns) too.
  3. Two knitted lace bookmarks. I used the free knitting pattern Leaf me Alone… I’m Reading. They’re a bit fancier than the crocheted bookworm bookmarks that I made for my daughter’s classmates. I saw the knitted lace bookmark pattern on Nicki’s website, so stop by her creative corner and check out her knitted bookmark, she did a great job. I used my Options nickel plated needles. I must say the Knit Picks interchangeable knitting needles does a wonderful job with lace. They have the pointy tips which I adore. I’ve made two of the bookmarks, the first was given to my daughter, and the second I gave to my mother. I’ll make one for me, since I love to read also. I already have ideas on how to incorporate the leaf design into other projects.
  4. Three shawls for my daughter’s Monster High dolls; crochet was also added to these shawls – I’ll definitely have to post pictures of this, the dolls are adorable. Looking at them,  makes me wish I had some of those crocheted and knitted garments.
  5. Knitted Kindle Fire cover; one of fathers birthday presents — which is tomorrow

I’m a fast knitter, that prefers to knit at a slower pace — most of the time. Last week my hands and knitting needles were flying, which is what happens when I have a lot on mind. I’ve found that either knitting, sewing, embroidery puts me in my happy place quickly; more than any other crafts that I do. Perhaps it’s because I’ve done those the longest? Over 32 years with each of those crafts. So those are the crafts I turn to when I need inspiration, or simply need to relax. Today, I haven’t had time for knitting more than a few short rows (cast on was just 40 stitches) of a project. But I plan on knitting a few rows before I sleep this evening.

A bit busy…

I arrived home from a board meeting about forty minutes ago, and I just realized something…

For the next two years, three weeks out of each month, one of my evenings for that week, will be spent at a board meeting. I serve on three different boards. Good thing I enjoy the faith based charity related ministries and the people I’m working with right? And no… knitting or crocheting is not an option at any of the meetings. I’m an active participant.


  • curls and q says:

    Q – Love this post! 😎 I love to listen to audiobook too! They were a life saver when working. I had an hour drive both to work and, of course, home again. Listen to a book made the time go faster! Did this for 22 years!

    Wow! All the things you’ve made. With my friend Arthur-itis in my hands I surely don’t do anything fast anymore. 😎 I have to look at Leaf Me Alone–I’m Reading. I LOVE puns!

    Please do post the shawl patterns for the doll. I actually went out this week and bought an 18″ doll so I could make knitting patterns for my granddaughter’s American Doll. I have a doll sweater in the works. Will be posting when I finish. 😎
    curls and q recently posted..Going Home


    Opal Reply:

    Hi @curls and q, I started actively using audio books a few years ago. I should have started a lot sooner.

    I love puns too, it’s a quick knit. I haven’t actively knitted lace in a little while, so it was nice to make something that was simple but still pretty.

    Please do post the shawl patterns for the doll.

    That means, I’ll have to start writing down my patterns, right? I tend to make it up as I go along, same with cooking. Although I’m trying to improve with writing down what I add while cooking, since people do ask for the recipe. I’m guessing I need to do the same with knitting. 😉
    Opal recently posted..Are they fiber worthy?


  • teeni says:

    Hope your laptop doesn’t give you any trouble, Opal. I remember my grandmother was always knitting or crocheting something. I think she would have looked naked to me if she didn’t have hook or needles and at least one ball of yarn with her at all times. LOL. Like you, she really had some hands that were never idle. Even towards the end of her life, when she wasn’t really all that with it, I saw her knitting and crocheting with invisible yarn in her hands. I will always wonder what that last project was she was working on in her mind. Boy do I miss her and hope to be just like her. 🙂
    teeni recently posted..YARNDANGO!


    Opal Reply:

    I’m slowly getting around to working on my MacBook Pro @teeni, Last week and this week have been busy, so I really haven’t had time to do what I’d like. I did boot it up today, and think it might be something simple; such as a pesky program that’s causing it to act up. I’m still thinking of reformatting the hard drive.

    Thankfully I haven’t had to rush to get it complete, since I do have backups (two other computers). The critical information is held on all three. I have a handheld and a phone, but rarely use either for internet access.

    Busy hands was common, so it’s something that has stuck. I won’t complain though, I’ve managed to put that energy to good use. 😉
    Opal recently posted..Inspired by Curls &Q’s knitted teapot doohickey, I knitted wristlets….


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