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Another site…

In addition to the site that I set up for my daughter (she’s quite thrilled that she has her own paid domain I might add) I created another site where I’ll have detailed posts about my various hand crafted projects.

A site dedicated to my handcrafted adventures is something that I’ve thought about doing for years, but I held off since I really didn’t want to add another writing site to my “to do” list. However, recently I thought it was high time I get on with it and so yesterday, I finally made the move. I carefully selected the domain name and housed it under the same hosting provider as Celebrate Life.

Choosing a name that wasn’t taken, was a challenge. You see… the first two that I wanted were already taken. However, I must say that I do like the name that I have now. It’s short and sweet and clearly describes my handcrafted obsession.

In time, I’m sure I’ll write about it here, but until then I’m having fun creating a few posts and looking forward to challenge myself to visit old handcrafted techniques or even try something new.

What’s really neat, is the new domain has already been indexed by Google! How cool is that?

Getting Fired up; Amazon Fire TV

Amazon FireTVI told my daughter when the Amazon Fire TV came down in price I would purchase it for our home.

Early this morning, while surfing on my iPad, I noticed that the price had dropped by $15, so it is now $84! After some deliberation, I purchased the Amazon Fire TV and requested next day delivery.

This is an item, that I’ve been watching since it was released on April 2, 2014. And while I wanted to make the leap then, as with any purchase, I researched and came away with a lot of knowledge and knowing that I’d eventually purchase the item. I must say that I’m looking forward to watching a variety of things on the Amazon Fire TV; movies, pretty much anything history related, documentaries, tutorials. To be honest, we rarely watch the regular shows since it has so much junk! I’m not kidding when I say weeks and sometimes months go by without us watching regular TV. However, we do occasionally watch videos.

Since I’m an Amazon Prime member, there are literally thousands of videos that are already freely included with the subscription.  Up until now, we’ve been watching streaming movies onto my iPad. Watching streaming content on our mounted 70″ flat screen TV will be the prefect way to unwind… when my daughter and me aren’t outdoors or doing something creative.

Tomorrow evening, we’ll get the popcorn started, I’ll pull out my knitting needles or loom, and we’ll settle down and watch something on the Amazon Fire TV. The set up seems to be a breeze, so we should be enjoy watching streaming videos sooner rather than later! I’m looking forward to the experience.


Two Wolves…

Two Wolves

The evil wolf is always hungry. It’s constantly consuming anger, resentment, jealousy, self-pity, envy, attacking others and it’s never satiated. It stays hungry because those “foods” can’t nourish anyone.

The good wolf isn’t hungry since it’s nourished by the “foods” it consumes a healthy diet of kindness, compassion, love and humility.

Which wolf are you feeding?

A bit of camping…

In a few weeks, my daughter and I will be going on a camping trip. It’s with her Lutheran schools sixth grade class. I decided to come along as a parent volunteer. I’ve heard about this place since my daughter started attending in kindergarten. The students all have wonderful things to say about the experience so naturally my daughter is excited.

I’m excited, but I’m wondering how much sleep I’ll receive? I pray that it’s enough to keep up with the two sixth grade class. In total, it’s about 34 students. Checking the “what to bring list,” the only thing needed is hiking boots. I’ll be sure to purchase those soon, so my daughter has a chance to break them in a bit.

I’m happy to see that there is one bathroom per cabin. While I don’t mind roughing it at all. I don’t want to take my eyes off hormonal middle school girls for too long. 😉

Marquese Scott: Dubstep Nostop | Skrillex And Damian Marley Jr.Gong

I pulled my advanced post that I’d scheduled for today and dropped another advanced post  as a replacement…

I love dancing and do it often. I would have stopped and watched Marquese Scott (dancer in this video) for quite a while, if I had the time.

A busy weekend and I did not get any sewing completed however I did eliminate over 9 bags of clothing/items that I know that I won’t use. I had clothes that I’d worn in college and yes, I can still fit into them. I can’t wear the size two anymore because of my hips, but I can still fit the size 4 comfortably.

I’m hoping to crack open my brand-new Brother Coverstitch 2340CV and take it for a test drive some time this week. The only thing I’ve done is look at it since I didn’t really have the time to see how it operates.

Happy Labor Day 2014

Today was a day of rest for me. Early this morning, we dropped my brother and nephew off at the airport. Upon our return home, my daughter and I went back to sleep.

Labor-Day 2014

Although there were a few events I would have enjoyed attending today, I was just too tired; however, I did have to create a post to acknowledge all those folks who helped build our country.

I stumbled upon the pictures below and could not help but wonder about the men featured, the grueling work, their families… I also wondered did they live a long life? Did any of them have accidents on the job? I hope not, but no names are given so I can only wonder…

Labor Day MenEatLunch

Workers taking a break from bridge building

Lots of work, effort (and in some cases lives lost) were invested into making/building the United States.

Labor Day Man on board

Some of the jobs were dangerous.

Labor Day Man on beam

Thanks to all who assisted, and those who continue to contribute, it’s appreciated.

Teacher Appreciation…

Much love for the awesome teachers out there…

I still think of my favorite teacher, Mrs. Kyte! She taught third grade.