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On my wish list: Spellbinders Platinum Embossing and Diecutting Machine

This past weekend, I stumbled upon a new product that is scheduled to be released some time this August. It’s called the Spellbinders Platinum Embossing Machine. It will take up to 8″ embossing folders or dies, which means I can purchase much larger dies or embossing folders! Or… I can simply add a bunch of dies to one plate. I love that!

Spellbinders Platinum

Spellbinders Platinum

Besides the larger size that this embossing machine will accommodate, I’m really liking that this machine folds! Just like my Cuttlebug. Which means, this machine won’t take up a lot of space once I finish a crafting project.


Enjoying old fashioned letter writing

You know… tomorrow will mark a month that I made a commitment to send my BF at least one handwritten letter weekly.

Guess what? I’ve far exceeded that amount! There have been some weeks when he has received three letters! Yes, I’m very proud of myself. It’s also given me a chance to brush up on my card making skills since every single note I’ve written has been on a hand crafted card that I’ve made.

Stamping - Snail Card

Check out the above card. It’s something I made last evening. I thought that I should add something else to the card, but I was being lazy and so the snail is debuting solo. It’s obvious that I did not spend too much time creating this card, but I still like how it turned out.

Originally this was just a card I was going to toss onto my “blank card pile,” but this morning (after receiving a text from the BF wishing me good I Love Youmorning) I decided to drop him a quick note.

I still think that old fashioned letter writing for those who are courting (or anyone really) is awesome! I must say I love receiving letters from the BF and his notes have been designated to their very own BF letter box.

Will I keep handwriting my old fashioned letters and send them off through the postal mail? You better believe it! The BF has kept every single letter that I’ve written so he’s definitely worthy of my time and effort to make and write handwritten letters.

House Mouse Series: Pin Cushion; rubber cling stamp

Last evening, I had the opportunity to play around with my Faber-Castell Chrosmos colored pencils. Below is what I’d stamped and colored. It’s the same stamp that I used here, I just did a few things differently.

House Mouse Series - Pin Cushion

House Mouse Series: Pin Cushion


It’s a rubber cling stamp from the House Mouse Series and is titled, “Pin Cushion.” I purposely put the picture on an angle. I thought it was an interesting detail and somehow it seemed to fit the card. I then added a yellow embossed sheet and placed it on orange card stock.  I still have some things to do with this card.

I must say that I really love my Faber-Castel Polychromos colored pencils. The pencils have a creamy consistency and you are able to apply several layers for shading. Since I have only 11 or 12 Faber-Castel pencils, I’m a bit limited with the amount of shading I can do; however, I do believe I’ll purchase a set of 24 to tide me over until my big shipment of 120 pencils arrive. I’m purchasing that set from my daughter’s art teacher. Yes, I could purchase them from Amazon and get them within two days (since I’m an Amazon Prime member) but I really want to support a local business owner. Even if it means me paying a bit more for the product.

Later this week, I’m hoping to get some sewing completed. I want to make a few summer dresses to actually wear before the weather turns cool!

Prismacolor vs. Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils

Please forgive all these artsy related posts. I’m hoping perhaps they can help others that might be searching for similar things.

I’m a person that researches a ton before I make a major purchase so it’s no surprise I’m doing the same thing when it comes to colored pencils. Initially, I was leaning towards Prismacolor as my go to colored pencil of choice; however, many reviews are saying after the company was bought out, that the quality of the colored pencils have gone downhill. Because of that, it was back to research once again and I found a few colored pencils that have my interest. Top on the list are the Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils. Unless something comes along that blows these away, this will be the colored pencils that I purchase.

Check out the above video to get a thorough review from both pencils. Also, I have a new artist that I can now follow. You can find her at Lachri Fine Art.

House Mouse Series: Pin Cushion

Last evening, after my daughter and I were settled, I pulled out the colored pencils I’d purchased (earlier that day) from the art store where she’s attending Art camp. The brand of the art pencils I’m using escapes me at the moment; however, I’ll update when I have a chance to look at them.

Here’s what I made…

House Mouse Card design_1.7.13.15

Handmade card and envelope


This particular House Mouse stamp is called “Pincushion.” Isn’t it adorable?

House Mouse series: Pincushion

House Mouse series: Pincushion


Here’s a plain version of the stamp.

Of course… there’s room for improvement; however, I really love this stamp and I’m slowly getting used to making cards again.  At the last moment, I decided to add a strip of the corresponding envelope paper to the card. I thought it’d match up better that way. Early this morning, I shipped off the card to it’s owner. They should receive it in a few days. Along with this card, I made one for the BF too! However, I forgot to take a picture of that. Oh well… I’ll get him to do the honors and take the picture himself.

Faber Caastel PolyChrosmos colored pencil

Faber-Castell’s PolyChrosmos colored pencils

Last evening, I did watch a few colored pencil tutorials and I’m finding that I’m not disliking them as much. In fact, I’ve decided when I do decide to make a “pricey” colored pencil purchase. I’ll invest in Faber-Castell’s Polychrosmos colored pencils. From what I’ve been reading, they are amazing, they don’t break when sharpened and they should last me a very long time.

Being creative: Making more cards…

During my “down time” on Sunday, I was able to make a few more cards.



Here’s one of the simple cards that I made for my BF. You know something? I’ve had this stamp used to make this card for almost four years.


Recycled photo: Card I made almost four years ago


It’s the Berry Happy Hedgehog from the Clear Stamp collection. Remember when I mentioned that we said we would start sending each other hand-written letters? Well… we’ve kept our promise to each other.

This card was  very simple to make and it used one of my clear stamps that I adore. I also made a matching envelope. I wrote my note that evening and mailed it from work yesterday, he should receive it tomorrow.  I trotted off to finance office and paid them the .50 for postage. Last evening, the BF told me that he’d mailed me a card also. I should receive mine tomorrow also. Yeah!

This evening, I have another card to make and that will be for Jennifer. I received a letter from her on Sunday. I must say it was nice to receive a letter from my blogging pal. My cards are not as fancy as hers; however, I’ll have fun making hers and writing her a note.

While I enjoyed making the above card, I must say that I’m not happy with the pencils I used to complete the project. They were actually my daughters art pencils. They’re great, but I really miss markers. My daughter is a talented artist, but she much prefers sketching with pencils.

Copic Markers 36-Piece Sketch Basic Set

Copic Markers 36-Piece Sketch Basic Set


Because of that, I’m finally going to break down and purchase some Copics Markers. I’m looking at the set that has 36. They’re a bit pricey, at $136; however, I have heard nothing but good things about them… and you can purchase refills!

Houe Mouse Christmas Stamp

Christmas Tale by House Mouse Designs


I also need to stock up on ink pads and perhaps a few more clear stamps? I’m quite fond of House Mouse designs, so I most likely will purchase a few of those.

I’m nudging you Jennifer! can you recommend some good brands for inkpads and perhaps some clear stamps? I have not purchased either in a few years.

More card making…

Card stockLast evening, I realized that I had not sent the BF’s parent’s a thank you card for hosting us at their home in Delaware. That was a few weeks ago. Sighs… seriously Opal? I love sending and receiving handwritten cards/notes/letters.

I sifted through the handmade cards/envelopes that I had made and decided that none of them were “right” for his parents and so I pulled out my card stock and made them a card and an accompanying envelope. I even used my Cuttlebug and some of my embossing folders on the actual card and the envelope. I did not stop there, I made four more cards also.

Darice Embossing Folder Butterfly on Flower

Darice Embossing Folder Butterfly on Flower

After their card was completed, I wrote a nice note. It basically said what I’d written in my follow up email. So yeah…I guess I really did not have to write a handwritten note, but I did and my daughter signed the card also. I wish I could say that I took a picture of their card; however, I did not and I mailed it bright and early this morning. You know something? I do believe, I’ll recreate the card and post a picture of it here. That way you’ll see what they will receive. In addition to that card, I mailed the BF a cute little card. I’d made it last evening too.