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Autumn… just around the corner

Last evening, I made these two cards. Actually, I started on a few more; however, I did not finish them.

Copics Sketch Markers – 36

Guess what? Yesterday, my Copics sketch markers (36 markers were included within this set) arrived in the mail. They are alcohol based makers (perfect for shading) and are made in Japan. Copics markers are a bit pricey. My set of 36 markers cost me a little over $150. I’ve been checking out these markers for about four years; however, I never turned that want into a reality. Finally after a lot of research, I decided it was time that I made the purchase.

Why spend so much money on these Copic markers?

  1. They are good quality markers.
  2. They have two tips; one on each end.
  3. They are alcohol based and are great for applying layers.
  4. They are refillable (which means they will last years.) Don’t even get me started on the amount of markers I’ve purchased over the years for my daughter. She wears them out fast.
  5. You can change the tips.
  6. They can be used with the Copics airbrushings system. Sweet!
  7. Most importantly, my daughter (who’s a very talented young artist) will be able to use them also!

Since my Copics markers had arrived, I was able to use them on the cards that I created below. Which gave me the perfect chance to test them out for myself.

Autumn Cards_2 8.11.15

Autumn card, with matching envelope. I made this for my daughter. I mailed it this morning.


I still need to play with the markers a bit before I get used to them, but thus far, I really like them a lot! The above card (with matching envelope) is what I made for my daughter. She’s going to love the card, along with the sweet note that I left for her. This morning, I sent it off via postal mail and she should receive it on Friday. I can’t wait to see her reaction when she gets the card in the mail.

Autumn Cards_1 8.11.15


This is the card that I made for my BF. I used white card stock for the pumpkins and then added brown ink to the card base, to compliment the patterned card stock that I placed the pumpkins on. I then made the card out of white card stock, that had been embossed, and inked the card stock with the same ink used for the pumpkin background. I’m hoping he likes it a lot. I also made a matching envelope and just like with my daughters card, I mailed his out today!

Christmas cards…

Tonight, my daughter and I will be making Christmas cards. I started making them about a week ago. We will continue to make those, along with other seasonal cards, over the next few weeks. On my radar are Halloween cards. I’ve always loved that day and would like to make some creeptacular cards for a few people.

A few more cards; mainly House Mouse designs…

Well… I feel like I have not been posting about much else lately besides card making. However, I do have a few foodie and furbaby posts under wraps. I’ll most likely be advance posting those over the next few days.

Handmade cards_1  8.6.15

Stampendous: House Mouse Cling Rubber Stamp – Caffeine

Here are a few of the cards I made recently.  Yes… there’s a theme going on here! All the cards, with the exception of one, feature House Mouse designs! I love that series it is so adorable. If you look at your bottom left hand corner, you’ll see a fall card that I’ve started making. I think there will be a few more additions before this one is complete.

Handmade cards_2  8.6.15

Earlier this morning, I chose this simple card for my daughter. I’ve mailed it and so she should receive her card on Saturday. She adores cutesy things such as this and she immediately said, “Awww…!” When I made it a few days ago.  Although she lives with me, she loves receiving letters in the mail. I’m making the effort to send her at least one letter per week.

As you can see, it also has a matching envelope. I used an embossing folder to make the floral design you see on the card and then I used one of my stamp pads to ink the background. I then placed a baby chick stamp and bumble bee on the card and added the Love stamp. I have no idea what company made the stamps since they all were given to me by the young lady that turned me onto cardmaking about four years ago!

Handmade cards_3  8.6.15

Here’s the BF’s card! Whoa… I’m really cutting it close with my weekly writing promise. He should receive this card on Saturday, which is when I’ll be seeing him.

Thanks to the above video, I now have more stamps added to my wishlist. The Greeting Farm CUDDLY THANKS Clear stamp TGF189 and The Greeting Farm WOOD FRIENDS Clear Stamps TGF188 are the stamps she used for this card. Aren’t those animals adorable? I recently discovered the Sandy Allnock, when I searched YouTube for videos about Copic markers and card making. I think she’s an amazing paper crafter! Just look what she did with the adorable stamps that’s seen in the above video! Do you see how she added her own sketch to enhance the lovely card? Yes, she’s definitely an inspiration!

I just wrote to say, that I’m thinking of you…

Yesterday, I received a call from a lady at my Lutheran church. She and her husband are in their eighties and they are a huge inspiration to me. Despite their numerous physical ailments (multiple bouts with cancer, stroke, vocal cord issues), it does not stop them from  ministering to others. They are Good Samaritans for Christ. One of their main ways of serving is helping retired military veterans at the local veteran’s hospitals. When I met her a few years ago, I told her I can never complain about not wanting to serve Christ, because you and your husband have every reason to sit on the sidelines and wait on others to do so, but you don’t.

Anyway… this sweet lady called to thank me for a card that I had sent her. She asked me, “Did you make that card, Opal?” I know you are very crafty, and my husband thought that you might have made that card for us. I told her I did. She also asked did I make the envelope. It was embossed with my favorite design, which I’ve shown below. Interestingly enough that’s my BF’s favorite too.


Darice Embossing Folder - Flower Frenzy Background

Darice Embossing Folder, 4.25 by 5.75-Inch, Flower Frenzy Background

I again told her… Yes! She went on to say that she and her husband loved the card and she also said that she was taking the card to one of her gatherings, so she could show it to her friends. While that wasn’t the reason I made the card. It was nice that she appreciated it enough to call and thank me for sending it to her. I believe that random acts of kindness is something we all should do daily. She and her husband, had been on my mind a lot lately and I decided to create a card and put my thoughts onto paper. Whenever I create something, I pray for the recipient. Sometimes, as in Jennifer’s case, I don’t know who the person is who will get the item, but God knows and I pray for that nameless person as I create the item.

Making cards for other Church members

She’s not the only church member that will be receiving cards. There are three ladies, at my church, that I love dearly. They are all in their eighties and the stories they tell keep me laughing and smiling for a long time. They also do a lot of volunteer work with the church.

Art Impressions Girlfriends Cling Rubber Stamp Picture Perfect Set

Art Impressions: Girlfriends Cling Rubber Stamp – Picture Perfect Set


When I saw these stamps, I instantly thought of them.


Art Impressions Girlfriends Cling Rubber Stamp, 9 by 4.5-Inch, Wine Tasters Set


I don’t know if they drink, but they do make hilarious comments that have me in tears because I’m laughing so much.

Art Impressions Girlfriends Cling Rubber Stamp-In The Tub Set

This is their type of humor! I’ll be purchasing these stamps sometime this week. I’m so glad I stumbled upon these ladies, I found a ton more (featuring these ladies) that I love and so I have saved them to my Amazon Wish list.


Christmas Cards

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I thought I’d purchase a few stamps. I don’t get into the commercial aspect of Christmas, and I know that Jesus was not born on that day; however, I do like the extra days off of work since it gives me an opportunity to spend more time with my lovely daughter.

Stampendous, Cling Rubber Stamp, Silent Night

Stampendous: Cling Rubber Stamp – Silent Night

I adore trees and am blessed to be surrounded by them at our home


Hero Arts: Snowy-Night Woodblock Stamp

and so I’ll be sure to purchase a few of those…

Stampendous Christmas Cling Rubber Stamp Sheet, 4 by 6-Inch, Snowy Postcard

Stampendous: Christmas Cling Rubber Stamp Sheet – Snowy Postcard

I also love country scenes! Isn’t the above lovely? These stamps will keep me occupied for a while… I think!

Copics Sketch Markers - 36

Copics Sketch Markers – 36

In addition to the stamps, I’ll be purchasing my Copics Sketch markers. I’m looking at the set that has 36 markers.


On my wish list: Spellbinders Platinum Embossing and Diecutting Machine

This past weekend, I stumbled upon a new product that is scheduled to be released some time this August. It’s called the Spellbinders Platinum Embossing Machine. It will take up to 8″ embossing folders or dies, which means I can purchase much larger dies or embossing folders! Or… I can simply add a bunch of dies to one plate. I love that!

Spellbinders Platinum

Spellbinders Platinum

Besides the larger size that this embossing machine will accommodate, I’m really liking that this machine folds! Just like my Cuttlebug. Which means, this machine won’t take up a lot of space once I finish a crafting project.


Enjoying old fashioned letter writing

You know… tomorrow will mark a month that I made a commitment to send my BF at least one handwritten letter weekly.

Guess what? I’ve far exceeded that amount! There have been some weeks when he has received three letters! Yes, I’m very proud of myself. It’s also given me a chance to brush up on my card making skills since every single note I’ve written has been on a hand crafted card that I’ve made.

Stamping - Snail Card

Check out the above card. It’s something I made last evening. I thought that I should add something else to the card, but I was being lazy and so the snail is debuting solo. It’s obvious that I did not spend too much time creating this card, but I still like how it turned out.

Originally this was just a card I was going to toss onto my “blank card pile,” but this morning (after receiving a text from the BF wishing me good I Love Youmorning) I decided to drop him a quick note.

I still think that old fashioned letter writing for those who are courting (or anyone really) is awesome! I must say I love receiving letters from the BF and his notes have been designated to their very own BF letter box.

Will I keep handwriting my old fashioned letters and send them off through the postal mail? You better believe it! The BF has kept every single letter that I’ve written so he’s definitely worthy of my time and effort to make and write handwritten letters.

House Mouse Series: Pin Cushion; rubber cling stamp

Last evening, I had the opportunity to play around with my Faber-Castell Chrosmos colored pencils. Below is what I’d stamped and colored. It’s the same stamp that I used here, I just did a few things differently.

House Mouse Series - Pin Cushion

House Mouse Series: Pin Cushion


It’s a rubber cling stamp from the House Mouse Series and is titled, “Pin Cushion.” I purposely put the picture on an angle. I thought it was an interesting detail and somehow it seemed to fit the card. I then added a yellow embossed sheet and placed it on orange card stock.  I still have some things to do with this card.

I must say that I really love my Faber-Castel Polychromos colored pencils. The pencils have a creamy consistency and you are able to apply several layers for shading. Since I have only 11 or 12 Faber-Castel pencils, I’m a bit limited with the amount of shading I can do; however, I do believe I’ll purchase a set of 24 to tide me over until my big shipment of 120 pencils arrive. I’m purchasing that set from my daughter’s art teacher. Yes, I could purchase them from Amazon and get them within two days (since I’m an Amazon Prime member) but I really want to support a local business owner. Even if it means me paying a bit more for the product.

Later this week, I’m hoping to get some sewing completed. I want to make a few summer dresses to actually wear before the weather turns cool!

Prismacolor vs. Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils

Please forgive all these artsy related posts. I’m hoping perhaps they can help others that might be searching for similar things.

I’m a person that researches a ton before I make a major purchase so it’s no surprise I’m doing the same thing when it comes to colored pencils. Initially, I was leaning towards Prismacolor as my go to colored pencil of choice; however, many reviews are saying after the company was bought out, that the quality of the colored pencils have gone downhill. Because of that, it was back to research once again and I found a few colored pencils that have my interest. Top on the list are the Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils. Unless something comes along that blows these away, this will be the colored pencils that I purchase.

Check out the above video to get a thorough review from both pencils. Also, I have a new artist that I can now follow. You can find her at Lachri Fine Art.