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My first hybrid: Toyota Prius

This past Thursday, I purchased a “new to me” vehicle. It’s a 2003 Toyota Prius in dark blue.

2003 Toyota Prius – stock photo

I have no desire to own a new car and most likely won’t ever own one. I much prefer used and love paying the bill in full so I don’t have any more payments.  It’s the oldest car that I’ve ever purchased. In fact it’s the first generation of the Prius’s.  It’s a 2003, which was the last year they were made before they moved on to the second generation. And that’s another new to me feature… owning a first generation car. I guess a first gen, would be appealing to some car collectors or so say some of the Prius enthusiasts where I’m a member. Guess what? I’ve been wanting an older Prius for well over a year and this one came along at the right time. Can you believe I’ve been praying for a Prius for the same amount of time? Yes, it was paid for in full, so that means no bills. There are a few minuscule nicks on the paint, but it’s not noticeable. I might eventually get a paint job, but for now I’m content.

This car was well cared for by it’s owners (two) and is in pristine condition. You want to know something? It’s the most quiet car I’ve ever owned. I rarely hear it when it’s running. In fact, I had no idea it was running. It’s fooled me a few times since I’ve driven it. My daughter loves this vehicle. Since purchasing, I’ve done a bit of additional research about the Toyota Prius. These cars tend to last a long time. I knew that. My “big purchase” might be purchasing the battery, which can cost a few $1,000, but if you get a refurbished battery, you can have it installed for a little over $900.

What I like is that it uses electric and gas to run. The gas tank only holds 9.9 gallons and thus far I’m averaging a little over 42 miles per gallon. On the highway, I was averaging 51 mpg. That’s not bad, and it’s much better than the “gas guzzler” Ford Expedition that I was driving. That was about 18 miles per gallon. Yes, big difference! I’m slowly getting used to being low to the ground and not up above the clouds as I was in the Expedition and while I do miss that, I’m not missing the frequent trips to the gas station. We’ve already had a few short road trips. I must say, it’s a shock returning home and seeing the gas gauge hasn’t budged at all! I predict several road trips for my daughter and myself.

Towards the end of this week, I’ll be taking the car in for general maintenance. After all, it has over 140,000 miles. Again, I was well aware about high mileage Prius’s before I made my purchase. I’ve quite a few Prius users, online, that have cars with over 200,000 miles. I plan to drive this car (Lord willing) until it stops working. In a few months, I’ll start saving up for a “new to me” car so when the time comes, I can pay that in full to. If it’s Gods will, that won’t happen for years.

Still here…

My goodness, where has the time gone? It’s been so busy in the real world. 2016, will definitely be memorable. Many positives and a few negatives thrown in the mix, but in all things I’m thankful. Towards the end of 2016, I sprained both wrists. Which were painful, I might add, and limited a lot of what I can do. However, I am happy to say that the sprains have healed and I’m back to all my usual activities.

This past weekend, I created a pizza with a black crust. I must say, that pizza was success. I’m hoping to post pictures of that very soon.

New Years Eve 2015

Happy New Years Eve

I have so much to be thankful for this year. Tonight, my daughter and I plan to stay up late and ring in the New Year together. The BF is home with the strep throat. Tomorrow, my daughter and I will be doing some sewing. She’s excited to work on an outfit. We’re keeping it simple. I’ll be sure to post some pictures of her finished garment here on Celebrate Life.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year!

So much cooking… and knitting

The past few weeks have gone by oh so quickly. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you’ve seen me posting there; however, using an actual laptop or desktop (for personal use) has been non-existent. I’ve already mentioned that I rarely create blog posts on my iPad. This past Sunday, I attended a baby shower and knitted an infant hat, matching booties and another infant hat. I also made two trays of food (one chicken and a spicy rice dish) that were quite popular. I made enough to feed thirty people. I’m hoping that I have time to write actual posts within the next few days; however, I’m fairly sure that will not happen until the Christmas holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving. While I was hoping my brother, sister in law and nephew would be joining us this year. They will still be in Florida. The good news is, they might be moving much closer as in three hours away! I’m praying, if it’s the Lords will, that will happen. My BF is joining my family (parents, daughter and me) for Thanksgiving. This will be our first Thanksgiving together.

Another year, I’m 45!

Happy Birthday to me

Actually my birth date was this past Friday and while I’ve been wanting to post on my site. I just haven’t gotten around to doing so. I have posted fairly regularly on my Facebook page and so if you’ve friended me and follow my posts, you’ve seen a few things that I’ve been doing along with the occasional back and forth banter that goes on between my BF, friends and myself.

Let’s see… my daughter was away part of last week with a seventh grade retreat. We received tons of rain in our area and my daughter and BF gave me amazing gifts for my birthday! I am truly blessed. I am hoping to take a picture of both gifts some time today and hopefully post them over the next few days.

Autumn 2015

Where has the time gone? It seems “just like the other day,” when this month started and here we are at the tail end of September. So much has happened, all good! Such as my BF’s parents meeting my father this past Sunday. My mother was working and could not get off of work. She’s a nurse. The amazing luncheon I prepared on the same day. The wonderful things going on with my daughter, BF and myself, and so much more…. I’ll be sure to post updates once the dust settles…

I had to pop online and acknowledge this glorious day….

Autumn 2015!