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Savory green smoothie adventures

The next few days, I thought I’d mainly focus on consuming green smoothies. Not the sweet kind, these are all savory. I’m hoping to be able to share some of the green drinks I consume here on Celebrate Life, but we’ll see. It’s been so busy for us the past few months, and… it’s about to get busier… for me! Yikes!!! I know I can handle the new opportunities that are coming my way. I’ve been proactive and have planned accordingly, and now it’s just a matter of seeing if everything goes according to plan.

On Father’s Day…

Yesterday was Father’s Day and of course I cooked for my Dad. The reason was simp, my mother was working and so I made his lunch.

Actually, I started making the food on Saturday. I prepared the homemade potato salad.

Homemade mayonnaise

Homemade mayonnaise

Yes… the mayonnaise was homemade too.


Bowlful of herbs freshly picked from the garden

Bowlful of herbs freshly picked from the garden

I picked a bowlful of herbs from the garden and some of those herbs went into the homemade mayonnaise. The rest was brewed and turned into a pitcher of iced herbal tea. Of course… I forgot to take a picture of the potato salad!

Baked chicken with barbecue sauce

Baked chicken with barbecue sauce

I did remember to take a picture of the barbecued chicken that I made for my father, but… I forgot to take a picture of the bake beans but…

Sticky rice with vegetables and herbs

Sticky rice with vegetables and herbs

I did not forget to take a picture of the sticky rice! Most of the veggies and herbs that were added to this dish came from our garden.

My daughter made my father a picture for Father’s Day. I must say it was a enjoyable day spent with my loved ones.

Back to writing…

The past several weeks, I’ve been sorely neglecting using my laptop or desktop when I’m not working. It’s so much easier to use my iPad. It’s portable and I use it at different parts of the house, although it rarely travels with me, unless I’m going away for a few days. Anyway… because of that my blog writing on all my websites have suffered. While I will occasionally write a post on my iPad, I much prefer the “traditional” method for writing a blog post.


What’s been happening? Well… this year, I did make it to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival! We went last Saturday, May 7.

Wontons.ICL_4 4.22.16 (2)

Wontons; Vegan and nonvegan

Also… I’ve been having fun with food… as always. I made the above wontons a few weeks ago. They were a combination of vegetable only wontons and a pureed chicken mixture. I’m hoping to get back to using the computer, in my down time, very soon.

Homemade pizza: half and half; sausage and veggies

This afternoon, I made a homemade pizza for my daughter. I started way ahead of time to give the dough a chance to sit and rest a bit.

Homemade pizza ICL_1 4.28.16

Homemade pizza

I then ground a variety of herbs and spices to be added to the sauce. I must add, that some of the freshly ground herbs and spices made its way into the pizza dough as well.

Homemade pizza ICL_2 4.28.16

By the time I picked her up from school. The pizza was done, and just waiting to be devoured. So she it was nice little surprise that was awaiting her once we arrived home.

Part of the pizza had a mix of sausage, veggies and roasted garlic and the other side was veggies and roasted garlic. She said it tasted amazing and she had three slices.


Juicing: Carrot, apple, ginger, spinach and garlic – Vegan

I love juicing and this juice is one I prepare a lot during cold season. It helps keep colds and the flu at bay.

Juicing Carrot, apple, ginger

Juicing Carrot, apple, ginger

While I love this drink, because of the garlic, when making it for my daughter I do have to sweeten it a bit more since she does not like to taste the garlic.

Bibimbap soup

This past Saturday, I received this lovely clay pot.

Clay pot


I ordered it from Amazon and I must say that I’m extremely pleased with this cookware. It’s beautiful and functional! Sold! The wording is deceptive since this is NOT a stone pot. It’s made out of clay, which is exactly what I wanted. I really had no desire to cure an actual stone pot. My mortar and pestle is made out of granite, so I know all about curing. But back to this lovely clay pot… my only regret, is that it’s not larger. It holds five cups. I ordered it this past Friday and it arrived the next day, one day earlier!

Of course I had to make a dish the very same day and so I made a delightful Bibimbap soup for my daughter and boyfriend. It was a Vegan Bibimbap soup and it was spicy since I ground up fresh jalapeno pepper! My daughter ate a tiny amount, but that was it since it was too spicy for her; however my boyfriend ate two bowls.

Bibimbap Soup.2.23.16

Bibimbap soup

This evening I made the above soup for my daughter. I did not add hot pepper, and so my daughter happily ate her bowl of soup. She said it was amazing!

Daughter sick, Comfort food to the rescue

Yesterday, I received a call from the nurse at my daughter’s school. Her throat was sore and her stomach was feeling queasy. I told the nurse I’d be right there. That’s one of the benefits of working from home. It’s also a negative. I can literally work from anywhere.

Broccoli and cheese soup

Broccoli and cheese soup

My daughter is fond of broccoli and cheese soup and so I prepared that for her.

Kimchi eggrolls

Kimchi eggrolls

I also prepared eggrolls; vegan and chicken. Both versions were loaded with vegetables and also included homemade kimchi! My work and home life are still extremely busy; however, I’ll be making an effort to post more.