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Live like no one else so one day you LIVE like no one else…

Although I’m not on social media that much, I do participate in a few forums that are beneficial. Besides the obvious crafting forums; spinning, weaving and sewing. I am a member of a few financial forums made up of people who are just as weird and frugal as I am. Quite a few within the group are millionaires. I guess you could call them the Warren Buffets within their bracket. I say Warren Buffet because if you know his story, you are aware that he lives well below his means.

Earlier today, the forum creator, David posted this…

We live in a culture that placates itself by consuming. New cars. Big houses. Precious jewelry. Fancy clothes. Fine food. While those who earn are well within their rights to spend, the “live for today” often catches up with them. It’s not about how much you make but about being content and living on less than you make.
Make $500k, spend $550k … Misery.
Make $50k, spend $45k … Happiness.
Sadly, our culture often lusts after the first group since they look “successful”. Delay a bit of your pleasure of today for a better tomorrow.

I get his point, but I will say you have people from both groups doing the first. I have seen numerous acquaintances placate themselves with things or going out and spending money they could not afford at a restaurant. Even spending small chunks of money add up over time and can hinder you from achieving your goals.