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Rose; Fading Beauty

The cooler months are my favorite time of year. Unfortunately with the change in temperature it also means saying farewell to our lovely flowers — at least for a few seasons. Taking pictures is a great way to remember them, when they’re no longer around outside.

We still have plenty of unblemished roses on our rose bush, but  I was more intrigued by the ones that were starting to fade, and so I snapped many photos of the roses fading beauty.

The picture above, was taken on a particularly foggy day. As I recall, It was taken right before I took my daughter to school. It was a chilly morning — perfect for me. Besides taking pictures of flowers, I took pictures of the fog, our woods, and a few birds flitting around in the early morning sunshine.

I used my dependable Nikon D80 for this photo. I’ve had the camera for about six years, and although I’ve purchased a few more cameras (and lens) since that time. It’s still my camera of choice — when I haven’t lost the Nikon D80 battery charger.

The majority of my photo editing is done with Aperture 3, it’s an amazing photo editing software for Apple computers. I don’t edit all my photos, and this is one I kept as is — no edits. I have Aperture 3 installed on my 17″ MacBook Pro.

The flowers, around our home, serve as a gentle reminder (for me) that although I have a lot of projects that keep me busy, I also need to take time to relax and enjoy life. Also, I’m reminded that something (or someone) doesn’t need to be ‘perfect’ to be beautiful.

Wordless Wednesday – Friday Addition: Insect Inspection


My daughters insect inspection
Tomorrow is going to be extremely busy, and so I decided to toss up my Wordless Wednesday- Friday addition, one day early.

Earlier today, while we were in our back yard, my daughter found some insects that fascinated her. She bent down to take a closer look. She chattered excitedly about the flurry of activity going on at the anthill, and I snapped the above photo.

When I was around my daughters age, I started reading a lot about ants. They really fascinated me, and at times I would watch them for hours.

Ants are amazing creatures, did you know that…


Hey Mommy, come here!
I really like that she is fascinated with insects (just like her mommy.) A few years ago, I purchased the book Insects: Their Natural History and Diversity. Thanks to that book (which is well over 700 pages) we’re able to identify a lot of insects. Which is perfect for our insect hunts.

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Wordless Wednesday – Thursday Edition: Blackberry Blossoms


Blackberry Blossoms
Ok, so this post isn’t wordless. I never could hold to the Wordless part of Wordless Wednesday, forgive me?

The above picture was taken about an hour ago. My daughter and I were outside checking out the garden. She excitedly pointed at our blackberry bush and said, “Oh mommy, look at the blackberries!” I was happy to see the green blackberries. I cannot wait for them to ripen. I use them in a variety of healthy recipes; Smoothies, ice creams, salads, muffins, and main dishes too.

There are many ways I celebrate life, and one way is taking pictures. I enjoy capturing photos of whatever interests me. Surprisingly, at times, some of the photos interest others too.

I became fascinated with photography as a child, even have a few old cameras. As a child, it seemed I always had a camera in my hand, and was always snapping pictures. In my early twenties I took a break from picture taking, and it was unnatural. I felt naked without one of my cameras and returned to it with a vengeance. Naturally that means I have a digital darkroom at our home, and a few times a week (after my daughter is sleeping) you’ll find me there.

I’m still kicking myself for not snagging an old camera I found when I was visiting Gamla Stan – The Old Town, while I was in Sweden.

A few years ago, I created a website based solely on my photography. Learned a lot, took chances, picked the brain of many photographers I have respect for, and surprisingly enough sold a few pictures too. However, I mainly give them away to family/friends.

I’ve been an active participant with Wordless Wednesday, with many of my other websites and so it only makes sense to add Celebrate Life! into the mix too, right? Outdoor Wednesday is new for myself, and I look forward to meeting the other participants.

Although I take a lot of different types of photos, the majority of the photos you’ll see on this site will be nature or food based.


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