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Eight Grade Graduation: School is over

My daughter successfully completed the eight grade. My goodness, where has the time gone? Sometimes, it seems like just the other day when she was born. Her eighth grade graduation was last Thursday. Besides her daily chores, she’s spending her days relaxing.

Asus – 2-in-1 15.6″ 4K UHD Touch-Screen Laptop – Intel Core i7 – 16GB Memory – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M

For her graduation gift, her grandparents (my parents) purchased her a laptop computer. It wasn’t something that I was going to purchase for her, so I wasn’t expecting that at all. She’s really enjoying the computer and has already started drawing on it and researching topics that interest her.

A few more computers

In my last post, I mentioned that we now have a new computer (Dell – Inspiron 23.8″) that is in the family room. In a few months, I’ll be purchasing an iMac for my daughter that will be located in her room. Currently, she has our old computer (Acer Aspire) in her room. That computer is about four or five years old. While it’s great for general school work. For things such as video editing, which she does a lot, its simply not fast enough and so eventually, I’ll have to upgrade her computer.

27 iMac

27″ iMac

I’m planning on upgrading that computer to a 27″ iMac. It will definitely helpful for all her computer needs and I won’t have to think about upgrading for a few years. Apple computers aren’t new to me. I purchased my first, a 17″ MacBook Pro in 2006 and I’ve been a fan of Apple products since that time.

15 MacBook Pro

15″ Macbook Pro

I’m also looking at a laptop for myself and most likely will purchase another MacBook Pro. It’s just too bad that they stopped making the 17″, because I would have chosen that. Instead, I’ll have to settle for the 15″ MacBook Pro. I most likely will purchase my daughter’s iMac before November and perhaps the MacBook Pro will be a December gift for me. Since I dislike bills, I will be paying them off at the time of purchase.

It’s been a super busy summer. The garden is flourishing and my daughter and I have been immersed in numerous activities, which does not give me too much time to post. However, I’m slowly trying to work that back into my routine. I have taking plenty of food pictures. I just need to get around to uploading them on Celebrate Life.

Undoing Snapdo

Spyhunter 4The past few months, I’ve seen a search engine take over my desktop computer. Snapdo, despite what I did, seemed to resurface.

Earlier today, I installed SpyHunter 4 and that seems to have removed that and other instances of Malware that had been lurking on my desktop computer. I rarely use the desktop, but my daughter does. It’s time I put a tighter lock on my desktop security. She mainly uses the computer to search for lessons on sketching/drawing; however, I imagine during her searches, she’s picked up some seemingly harmless programs that downloaded in the background, while she was during her online searches.

Four years later, I’ve finally purchased an Ebook reader

Well… after almost four years of stonewalling I’ve finally gone ahead and purchased my Ebook reader.

If you take a look back, you’ll see I first mentioned Ebook readers in 2010. Yeah… it’s taken that long for me to purchase one. However, I really couldn’t drag my feet any longer.  I already have three bookshelves that are 6′ in height. Those are full and I’ve been adding books to a smaller bookshelf. No…  I had no more excuses. I couldn’t say that I could not make the purchase. The money was there. I’ve been setting aside money for ‘fun stuff’ for years and have rarely taken advantage so I thought it was time to cash in.  I don’t like bills so this was paid in full. When it comes to priorities, I’m definitely not going to be spending money for a want if I really can’t afford to do so. That would be stupid. You see how long I held out, right? Four years. Nope…I don’t play  when it comes to finances. My wants never trump what I truly need.iPad 4 16gb

Wednesday afternoon, I purchased The Apple iPad (16gb) with retina display; 4th generation. No, I didn’t the iPad Air. That would feel even less ‘book like’ than the traditional iPad. 

I loved these commercials and I must say that I love most Apple products. I have a Macbook Pro, and have purchased other products from them because (for me) they simply work well.

1 TB Seagate Wireless Plus

Since it’s a good possibility that I’ll run out of storage space, eventually I’ll purchase an external wifi hard drive. I’m currently looking at the 1TB.

  • 1TB Seagate Wireless Plus
  • USB 3.0 adapter with detachable USB 3.0 cable
  • Compact USB wall charger
  • USB to DC cable
  • Quick start guide
  • 3-year limited warranty

Being an Amazon Prime member has  opened my virtual reading to a whole world of possibilities and I’ve eagerly taken advantage of what Amazon has to offer. I’ve already read three books (all free) from Amazon and I’m currently reading #4. I haven’t checked out iTunes iBooks yet, but I will.


Thus far (from Amazon) the above book, Poisoned, has been my favorite.

Poisonous mists settled in the lowlands 17 years ago, rendering ninety percent of the land uninhabitable and killing over half the population. Most blame their misfortune on industrialization or the fey, but some curse Snow White, the princess who was born poisoned.

As the only person who can survive entering the poisoned woods without a gas mask, Snow White has dedicated her life to studying the poison and finding a cure. This obsession draws her deeper into the woods and its secrets, where nothing is as it seems. When Snow White saves a man who should never have been saved, she unleashes an evil more horrifying and destructive than the poison.

Now that’s an interesting take on the classic Snow White story, don’t you think? This is not a long book, 28,000 words or 128 pages. I was finished reading it in 1.5 hours.  While I’m still not comfortable reading using an eBook, I realize that I need to transition into reading at least some of my books this way since I’m running out of shelf space. Because of that I refuse to read books the regular way for the next few weeks. I will say now that I’m on my fourth virtual book it is getting easier. I guess you can teach a middle aged lady new tricks. 😉

Loving my Epson WorkForce WF-3540

My new printer is here… It’s an Epson WorkForce WR-3540.

Epson Workforce WF-3540_1

It arrived in a pretty box that boasted some of it’s many of it’s features…

Epson Workforce WF-3540_2

When I opened the box, I noticed the printer was covered with a lot of blue tape. There are a lot of moveable parts on the Epson WorkForce WR-3540. The tape is a precaution to make sure nothing moves during transport.

While I haven’t taken it on a full test drive, I have checked out the double-sided feature and I must say that I’m really impressed since this feature is done automatically. Of course, my first thought was, why didn’t I purchase a printer with this feature before? It definitely will save on the amount of paper I use and I won’t need to do this manually. I used to do this with my old HP printer, but only if there were a small amount of pages.

Printer upgrade: Epson WorkForce WF-3540

Well… our HP Photosmart printer has finally stopped working. It’s been acting odd for the past several weeks, but I just ignored that since there was no urgent need to replace the printer. Besides, if I really needed something printed, I could always use my Epson Photo Stylus R2400 Inkjet Printer, but that would be a last resort since that printer is used exclusively for printing high quality photos and that ink can get costly.
Epson WorkForce EF-3540

Fast forward until today…. pulling up my daughter’s homework online, it appears she has several projects within the next few weeks that will require a functioning printer. Armed with that knowledge, I knew it was high time that I got my “rear in gear” and purchase a suitable replacement.

I did a bit of research, and I do believe I have a winner… the  Epson WorkForce WF-3540. And saw these features listed on its page.

  • World’s Fastest 2-sided printing
  • 500-sheet paper capacity
  • 40% lower printing costs vs color laser
  • Mobile device printing
  • 3.5-Inch touchscreen with gesture navigation

Besides that it also scans and faxes. Since I’m an Amazon Prime member, the shipping is free and it should arrive this Thursday.

I’ll be sure to write a review after I’ve had it for a few months. When this arrives, one of the first things I’ll be printing, is a cable knit hat pattern.

Update on trackback and pingback spam

Even though it was enabled for less than a day…



WP-Blackcheck did an excellent job of eliminating the trackback/pingback spam I receive, don’t you think? It blocked 2,309 trackback spam comments. As you can see, seven spam comments actually made it into my spam folder. However that spam was manually entered by a person. Anti-spam plugins won’t stop a real person from leaving a spammy comment. However since a persons first comments are always moderated on this site, they won’t ever make an appearance on Celebrate Life.

WP-Blackcheck-statistics. 382013 81344 AM


If I want to check out the Blocked comments this is what I see.

I most likely will test out a few other Plugins that do a similar job and keep the one that I like the most. I could always disable trackbacks completely, but presently I’m unsure if that’s what I want to do.

I hate captcha


For non-trackback spam, I could use Captcha to catch the autospammers… but I think Captcha is annoying! Don’t get me started on the illegible Captcha codes! I really dislike seeing it on sites that I follow! So why in the world would I add it to mine? Nope, not happening. Leaving a comment on a Captcha site, means one more thing I have to fill out just to comment on a persons site! Why oh why do some people want others to jump through extra hoops just to comment? Oh my goodness, don’t they know how annoying that can be?

I must say it’s a huge relief not seeing a whole bunch of spam waiting for me when I log into the admin panel.

Updating my theme

I use paid themes for my business sites, but haven’t gotten around to making the switch with this site, but that’s about to change. I’m really impressed with the FlexSqueeze theme. Sire has mentioned it a lot on his blog and I’ve decided to purchase it at the end of this month which will be about the time that I’ll be setting up a small site for my daughter so she can have a place to show her stop motion videos.

Since Sire has done a great job of promoting FlexSqueeze and he actually uses the product, I’ll purchase it through his affiliate link.