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Vegan: Dhal and spicy coconut rice

Yesterday morning, I made a delicious dhal.

Creamy Dhal.10.14.15

Creamy dhal. I should have taken this picture when it was made as you can see, my daughter ate a lot! 🙂

Last night, when I returned home, this was all that was left. My daughter inhaled most of the dhal. A pity, but my fault since I did not take the picture as soon as I created the dish. In addition to the lentils, mushrooms and other freshly ground herbs and spices, I was able to add pumpkin, tomato and hot pepper that all came from the garden.

Spicy Rice.10.14.15

Spicy coconut rice

Last evening, I made spicy coconut rice. The herbs and seasonings were freshly ground by myself and coconut was added. my daughter inhaled both dishes.

Dhal and Spicy Coconut rice.10.14.15

Creamy dhal and spicy coconut rice

As you see there was enough dhal to pair with the rice! This meal is low on calorie, but extremely flavorful. Anyone that knows me well, knows I love flavor. We mainly eat whole foods, which simply means as close to the natural food source as possible.

Vegetarian & Vegan: Craving lentil tacos

A few moments ago, I texted the BF and told him that I was craving lentil tacos.


Lentil tacos

Recycled photo – Lentil Tacos; vegetarian and vegan

If you remember, I’ve made vegetarian and vegan lentil tacos for him in May of this year.  It was his first time having them and even though he’s not vegan or remotely vegetarian, he loved them.

The BF has made dinner for my daughter today. He made meatloaf and some other dish. He made it last night. Late this afternoon, we’ll be heading over to his place, although I’ll forgo the meatloaf, I will make a nice complimentary dish of stir fry vegetables. All the produce will be from my garden. I’ll be sure to post pictures.

Raw Snacks: Fruit Cookies

A few days ago, I made these delicious raw snacks. I’ve been craving raw snacks for a while, but have not got around to making them until now.

Raw fruit cookies

Raw fruit cookies

I know they don’t look like much, but they sure are delicious and since they are naturally sweetened, they aren’t overly sweet.

What’s in the cookies? Banana, blueberries, strawberries and freshly ground raw sunflower seeds. That’s it and my goodness are they delicious.

Dehydrated Cookies_2 6.30.15

I love my raw fruit cookies. Simple, nutritious and delicious.

My daughter loves these cookies and my BF has asked to have a sample bag so he can try them out for himself. I’ll do that, but I told him it would be hard to accomplish since my daughter has hit another growth spurt and has been eating everything in sight. She’s fortunate that she has a lot of energy and is blessed with my high metabolism.

But to honor his request, I have set a few aside so he can sample. I do believe that he’ll like them just as much as we do.


Leftovers (Vegan)

Wow… the past few months have simply flown by! Yesterday, the BF asked if I could meet him for a few hours and so shortly after work I was headed to his place.

Black eyed peas stir fry

Recycle photo – Black eyed peas stir fry


I made sure I brought along the remaining Black eyed peas stir fry with veggies. You can read about my Black Eyed peas stir fry, with veggies, here.  He said, ” I really love this! I could eat an entire plate of this food.” This dish was vegan all the way. I must say I’m thrilled that he’s very open to trying vegan cuisine.

Since we’ll see him this weekend, I’m already thinking of a few dishes I could prepare. Top on the list is some type of homemade bean burger… vegan of course. I’m also thinking of making egg rolls or wontons? Perhaps we can add freshly made pasta too? We’ll see!

I love peaches...

I love peaches…


Also, I think I’ll bake a peach pie. Opal, baking? Shocking… right? I can bake, and I’ve been told that I do make some “great” dishes; however, since I’m not much of a sweet eater there’s really not much point. My daughter loves sweets, but eats mainly homemade cookies, which I really don’t consider baking.

Why am I baking? The BF told me his father loves peach pie and so I’ll be playing around with a few recipes and having my daughter and him sample them. Next weekend, we’ll be visiting his parents. They live in Delaware.  So you could say my daughter and the BF will be the willing guinea pigs. We’ll see what they say. .

Upcoming announcement – What could it possibly be?

So much going on, and so little time to write!  I most likely will have an announcement to make in a few months… 😉

A bit nutty

Yesterday, I was craving a dish with black eyed peas. I mentioned it to the BF when I was talking to him and he told me how much he loved them, although none of his other coworkers did. I believe I said, “they don’t know what they’re missing!”

With that conversation fresh on my mind,  last evening, I pulled out my 8 qt. Presto cooker, added my dry black eyed peas with water. I stepped away for about twenty minutes and let the pressurized cooker work it’s magic.

I came back to fully cooked black eyed peas that gave off a slightly nutty aroma. Mmm… I made enough to use in several meal preparations. The cooked beans that I did not use immediately, were put into smaller glass storage containers and frozen.

And while I like the dish I created below, I sure would have loved if I could have added a bit more color. However,  a quick check in my refrigerator, showed me that I was missing a lot of produce.

Black eyed peas stir fry

Black eyed peas stir fry

I have not been to the store (I’ll be going there today) and I did not feel like going to our garden to pick some greens to add to this dish; however, I will take care of that today. There is plenty of this left over and so tossing in a few extra ingredients won’t be an issue.

Today, I’ll be making black eyed pea burgers, with some of  the plain peas.

I made the dhal, still waiting on the chapati

I’ve been craving dhal for weeks, but with so many other delightful dishes on hand, I have not had a chance to satisfy my craving until this week. However, the past week or so, I’ve been making all sorts of dishes  that used lentils as the main ingredient and so I knew before long I’d be making dhal!

Well, I no longer have cravings. Late in the evening (exactly two days ago) I finally got around to making my beloved dhal and I was immediately remembered why I love this dish so much. It’s simple, flavorful AND… it makes the perfect dip for breads and veggies.

My daughter tried a tiny bowl, shortly after it finished and promptly went back for “just a little more.”

Dhal_ 5.20.15

Spicy Dhal

However, when I went to get the flour to make the chapati, I quickly discovered that I was out. Sighs… no worries, I’ll stop by the market this weekend and stock up on flour.

Dhal_ 3 5.20.15

Sometimes I want a creamy dhal; however, this time I wanted chunky and so I did not puree the lentils.

Grumbles and even though I was craving chapati also, the dhal still tasted amazing on it’s own.

I will admit, that it wasn’t as ‘colorful’ as I usually like to make mine. I was out of tomatoes. Yes, those will be on my list of things to purchase this weekend. I can’t wait for them to start making an appearance in the garden, then I won’t have to purchase any more until the fall.

5 pound bag of lentils_ 5.20.15

My 5 pound bag of lentils!


I’m really impressed with the small company where I purchased my lentils. They are grown and harvested by Palouse Brand. I purchased a five pound bag off of Amazon. Amazon allows third party sellers to sell their items through their site.

About a day after my purchase, Palouse Brand sent me an email to tell me how to store their beans and legumes. I already know, but this is great for those who might not know. In the email, they stated that since their products aren’t irradiated they could be a home for pests.


A bag of lentils…

I absolutely love lentils! I make them in a variety of dishes,


Recycled photo: Dhal with brown rice and a honey ginger garlic sauce

but one of my favorite ways to prepare lentils, is to make dhal with a side order of homemade chapati. The above photos, is taken from a post that I created on March 31, 2012. It’s dhal with brown rice and a honey ginger garlic sauce. The only thing missing in the above photo, was chapati.

Of course, in order for me to make the type of dhal that I’ve been craving, I needed lentils and I did not have any in the food pantry. I normally purchase my lentils locally; however, earlier this week, I decided to purchase them online at Amazon. Since I’m an Amazon a Prime member, I get my products within two days.

5 pound bag of lentils

5 pound bag of lentils


I bought a five pound bag that should arrive some time today. Soon after they arrive, I’ll be making a dhal and some chapati. If I like the lentils grown and harvested by this small company, I’ll be purchasing a 45 pound bag.


Hearty Lentil Stew – Vegan

This past Sunday, my daughter and I were at the BF’s and so I decided to make a large pot of lentil soup. I told the BF, it was one less meal he’d have to prepare during the week.  Those who know me, already realize I don’t follow recipes. I just tossed in what spices and seasonings were available. I will say, my selection was limited since I was using what was on hand at his place. However, I’ve been gradually introducing a variety of herbs/spices to his food pantry.

PostLast evening, he posted about the stew on his Facebook page and tagged me in the post.

Just us

He also posted this picture of us. Please note, I hate this picture of me, but he loves it a lot. He went on to declare how much he loved me. I told him, it’s the food, that’s what he loves so much. I’m just the person who creates it! I’m joking, it’s much more than that. Since I’m introducing him to healthier lifestyle, you’ll see more food related posts here at Celebrate Life.

Initially, I referred to dating as the dreaded “d word”. 😉 I am almost sure I mentioned that to Jennifer in some of our email conversations, after all, Jennifer, was the first online buddy that I mentioned him too. Jennifer and I have ‘virtually’ known each other for about nine or ten years? She’s also the #1 blog pal I want to meet in person. She’s super sweet, beautiful and funny. I know we’d get along well in person.