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If your site is dofollow, one of side effects you might encounter, is the increase in spam.

Here at Celebrate Life several comments, never get published.  I use a few anti-spam Word Press plugins on my sites.

The chance of a spammers comments actually slipping through my anti-spam trap is very slim, and since I actually read each comment, I’d delete those that were published.

What is dofollow?


<a href="http://www.imcelebratinglife.com/" target="_blank" rel="dofollow">Celebrate Life</a>


Above, I’ve included the code that makes a link ‘dofollow‘ .

Making links dofollow enables search engines to follow whatever link your site has linked to, which can be helpful since the special markup language used tells search engines they can follow a link.

Not as important for those who aren’t looking for traffic, or ways to increase their page rank, but dofollow links are (normally) welcome by those who are trying to achieve that, as long it’s the right type of links…

That’s the main reason you’ll see dofollow on my sites, I like to reward my readers and do it in a few ways; Dofollow, Top commentators plug in, and CommentLuv.

If you’re a WordPress user, there are numerous plugins available to make this automated. I use NoFollow free on this site.

Normal link – No follow

<a href="http://www.imcelebratinglife.com/" target="_blank">Celebrate Life</a>

Since Nofollow is the default code, it’ll be found on the majority of sites a person visits. With nofollow sites, search engines won’t follow places you’ve linked to on your site, and why would they? You haven’t given them the ‘ok’ to follow the links you’ve linked too. Remember a special code is needed if you want search engines bots to follow them.

Do follow badge redheart

Do follow or nofollow, which one should I use?

Both types of links are good. However, dofollow links give the most benefits since it brings human traffic and SEO (search engine optimization) traffic to your site, SEO improves your sites online presence in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.,). Nofollow links only bring human traffic.

People linking to your site within their posts are one way to bring traffic to your site, another way is to leave thoughtful comments with a link back to your site, so people know where to visit.

On commenting…

It takes time to comment, and so you don’t see me doing too much of that. However when I do, I stay on topic, and add to the conversation.  If you’re the copy/paste commentator, sorry that doesn’t fly here at Celebrate Life, and I’ll delete your comment. What I’m interested in is real conversation. It doesn’t bother me if people are commenting just to get a link back to their site; leave a real message, be part of the conversation.

Celebrate Life Bounce Rate 04 05 12

Site Performance

Although I haven’t been active on Celebrate Life, the basic principles that I use elsewhere were applied here. Why? I didn’t want too much of a headache to deal with, once I came out of hibernation.

Web stats at Celebrate Life are continuing to improve, my bounce rate is still low, 12.75%, and the amount of new visitors is increasing. I’ve had Google Analytics installed on this site since its creation, but it’s something I haven’t actively tracked until now.

Online success isn’t foreign to me, and it’s something I’ve been successful with on my business sites. Granted, the type of ‘success’ I’m striving for here, will be different, but the way I’ll achieve it, will be similar.

Photo Source: Vince Lamb

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All the comment links on my blog are do-follow. I don’t know if it makes any difference, but I didn’t like the idea of the default being no-follow. To me, that’s not what the internet is about, though I can understand the thought behind it. I, too, read every comment and I read them fairly soon after they’re made, for the most part.
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Amand @ BuySellWordpress

Of course, dofollow links are much better, because it can be an excellent opportunity for everyone to get more traffic and to improve SEO
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Oh? This is very informative. Thanks, Opal.

I don’t know whether mine’s dofollow or not. Will check. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of SPAM – more than before, that is…but from what I hear, others get a lot more, very much more. In my case, Akismet catches them all…so I would just go and remove – not really a problem actually.
suituapui recently posted..She loves it…


Thanks for sharing the code, I had been searching for a solution to make my blog dofollow for a while, when I came to your blog. Thanks for the useful information!
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[…] Celebrate Life, like many of my sites have been do follow since they were created. A simple way to know which sites are dofollow is by installing and addon. To make the process a bit easier, for those hunting for dofollow blogs, I’ve added a badge to my right-hand sidebar. Clicking the icon links to the post I wrote about dofollow… […]


Dofollow and nofollow links can be both much helpful for every blogger. But of course, if you’d like to get many comments, then you need provide all your reader with qualitative and interesting content. This blog is one of them 😉
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curls and q

Love the spam graphic! I do love the comments you make about my posts! And, I enjoy reading your blog.
curls and q recently posted..SOS for Soakers