Celebrate Life: Site updates; Dofollow, CommentLuv, & KeywordLuv installed

Posted by on April 7, 2012 at 6:25 am.

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Celebrate Life, like many of my sites have been do follow since they were created. A simple way to know which sites are dofollow is by installing and addon. To make the process a bit easier, for those hunting for dofollow blogs, I’ve added a badge to my right-hand sidebar. Clicking the icon links to the post I wrote about dofollow

Comment Luv


CommentLuv is another wordpress plugin that’s been on all my sites since they were created. To increase the awareness, I also added a CommentLuv badge; CommentLuv enabled blogs allow users to link back to one of their posts when they leave a comment.

Here at Celebrate Life, you have the option of linking to one of your last ten posts. It’s an excellent plugin; my only wish is that more bloggers would use it on their sites. It doesn’t stop me from commenting on those who don’t use it, I feel CommentLuv is another way to reward your readers, and if they linked posts has an interesting title — perhaps encourage others that visit your site to stop by theirs site also — pure win!

Keyword comic

Keyword Luv

Earlier today, I installed keyword luv on Celebrate Life. I’ve been using this plugin since it was released in 2008, Stephen Cronin is the creator of the keywordluv WordPress Plugin. When it was released, I used it on several of my old sites. I’m not thrilled with people simply using keywords on my sites. Personal identity goes a long way in social networking, because of that, I normally won’t approve a comment that’s just keywords.

What’s great about Keyword Luv? It allows a person to leave their name and keyword; the only thing that will be linked is the keyword. Keyword Luv makes this possible by linking anything you add after the @ sign.

If I left a comment and signed my name as…

Opal @ Healthy Eating

The only words that would be linked are Healthy Eating.

Using appropriate keywords, is something I practiced even before I knew what ‘keywords’ were. In my mind, It looked more attractive when I used an accurate description when linking to a post or page.

Fast forward a few years later, and I learned the way I had been linking was the ‘correct way’… well if you want to try to bring more traffic to your site via search engines.

Will Keyword Luv increase website spam?

One of the arguments I’ve seen against Keyword Luv, and other WordPress addons that rewards its readers, is that you’ll receive in increase in spam. While this is true…  a knowledgeable website owner will have anti-spam plugins installed so this is a non issue. How much spam have you seen on this site? None, my anti-spam plug ins does a great job of blocking spam. Although Celebrate Life is small, I do receive a lot of spam because of what’s available here; Dofollow, CommentLuv, and now KeywordLuv.

Moving forward…

I don’t write too much about technology, but I’ll try to inject some of it here on Celebrate Life (now and again). There will be a few more changes to Celebrate Life, in the upcoming weeks, one of those changes will be a new WordPress theme.

I’d love to write more about keywords, but I’ll have to wrap up this post.

My daughter’s will awaken soon, and I really need to prepare breakfast; strawberry pancakes, hyperborean, and pineapple, blueberry, peach smoothie (we love delicious and healthy smoothies) is on the menu, and yes it’s all made from scratch.

For those itching to use keywords, by all means do so… just remember to include a name, and the keywords desired after the @ symbol.

Of course… the comment can’t be spam.  😉 There are sites that don’t monitor their comments. And it’s apparent, by the amount of spam that some of those sites receive. Well guess what, Celebrate Life isn’t one of them, I read all comments. As I posted before, spam never gets published — and on the off chance that it bypasses those filters, I will delete spam comments.


  • suituapui says:

    I’ve seen all these before but I never bother. Old man, not very technologically-inclined…so as long as nobody complains, I will just stick to the status quo. Good excuse eh? LOL!!!
    suituapui recently posted..Chocolate…


    Opal Reply:

    @suituapui, LOL… yep the majority of the bloggers don’t use them, but I like playing around with technology stuff. Personally, seeing the keywordluv plug in, enabled on some sites has helped me connect with some bloggers based on the keywords they use.

    Personally, I don’t normally use it, if I put anything after the @ symbol, it’s Celebrate Life. So no… I don’t take advantage of the keywords within my name, but I know some bloggers do. Since I get a lot of spam with people using keywords instead of a name, I figured its time I install it here.

    Of course, most that use keyword terms instead of a name on this site have been spam, but there have been a few that left an actual comment. In those cases I added a name, and approved the comment. Then sent them an email telling them why I did that. I want to see a name, not just a keyword in the comments that are left.


  • Not many website owners are as understanding as you. I wholeheartedly agree that bloggers should use a name and leave a real comment. In my opinion, KeywordLuv is the perfect solution. Leaving comments adds quality interactive content to websites (many of which need this kind of content). At the same time it rewards those who make the comment. It is a win/win.


    Opal Reply:

    Hello @Jason Dexter@Chinese Scrolls,
    I agree, it also gives the visitor a way to promote their site if they want too.

    I used it on my old sites, but couldn’t find it in the WordPress addons, come to find out it hasn’t been updated in a few years, so hence the reason it wasn’t appearing. After testing it here, I’m happy that it still works.
    Opal recently posted..Crochet: How to make a magic circle


    Maddie Reply:

    @Jason Dexter@Chinese Scrolls,
    Agree Jason, its indeed a win/win system. If a post has very good comments new users are most likely to comment to.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Maddie recently posted..tweedehands auto


  • Lalit says:

    i liked this idea of comment luv . giving link back to your commentators is actually a good way to show that you care for them and i have noticed there heck lot of comments on such blogs.


    Opal Reply:

    @Lalit, Indeed, it’s a great way to give back to your readers. Of course, you can get a lot of spam using plugins such as these, however if you use great anti-spam plugins, it’s a non-issue.

    As long the person who comments, is on topic then it’s not an issue.


  • Those plugins are really useful on blog sites like this. Thanks Opal for sharing your wonderful blog. Keep up the good work.


  • This really great to see that you are implementing comment luv. This is a very helpful addon for any blog. Long live imcelebratinglife. I really like this blog.
    Linda Johnson recently posted..Health Tips 26: Flaxseeds are the alternative of fish


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