Christmas Eve; snow dusting

Here in my part of Maryland, the past few Christmases have been very green, no hint of snow was in sight. But this year was different…

Monday, as we left the Christmas Eve service (at out Lutheran church) we were greeted with snowflakes! Adults and children alike, made delighted noises at seeing the snow. I’m sure some might not have been thrilled, but they were drowned out by the excitement of everyone else. Once we arrived home I took pictures, and my daughter and I played outside.

Slight dusting of snow
Slight dusting of snow


The above picture was taken of our garden, it’s about an acre. We also have a little over three acres of woods.



My daughter and I enjoyed the tiny amount of snow (while it lasted) later that evening the rain came and washed it all away. Which is ok… we still have some great memories, and I took plenty of photos.

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Beth Ellen Nagle

Perfect for Christmas eve… We had a good snowstorm last Thurs and it has pretty much stuck. Merry Christmas!
Beth Ellen Nagle recently posted..Capturing Snowflakes


As much as I don’t like snow…these pics are lovely. I love how fluffy it is in the 2nd one…LOVE close-ups/MACRO ๐Ÿ™‚
Jennifer recently posted..Vibrant Vegan eBook – 20 Amazing Raw Vegan Kale Chips Recipes


I have roots in Norway! I want to visit there and from what I have heard they do get snow but their winters aren’t as bitter cold unless you live right near the coast!
Jennifer recently posted..Left Overs – Spinach Rice Chickpea Dish


Beautiful. Read in the news that there is a storm brewing in the country. Hope you’re all right where you are. Take care, God bless there.
suituapui recently posted..Welcomeโ€ฆ


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curls and q

Q – Beautiful! We had rain on Christmas which is VERY unusual here in San Diego. Snow is so much more beautiful!
curls and q recently posted..Share The Love


[…] The next morning, my daughter promptly wore this to school and proudly showed it to her friends. I purposely made it long, so she can fold it in half if she likes when the weather isn’t windy. Also if she leaves it up (as shown in the picture) it will protect her if she’s playing in the snow. Wishful thinking (I know) since this winter we’ve only received a dusting of snow. […]