Chronic constipation… gone

constipationI’m thrilled to say that thus far my digestive issues are a thing of the past. Currently, I’m on “phase III” of the plan I’ve designed for myself.

Yes… I now have natural bowel movements first thing in the morning and sometime mid-evening. Depending on what I consume, I see remnants of it the very next day within my stool. That’s fairly impressive for someone like myself who had chronic constipation.

This might not mean anything  for someone who hasn’t had digestive issues, but for someone like myself this was a major change.  I could go weeks and on occasion months without having a bowel movement. Occasionally, Id be awakened by intense cramping in my abdomen.  I knew something was wrong, but how could I fix that?

I must say, it was really frustrating, I eat correctly, I mainly eat whole foods. I drank at least eight glasses of water daily! I remember thinking… this should not be happening to me! My daily diet is filled with and abundance of fresh vegetables & fruit, I don’t eat fast foods, fake vegetarian foods or the processed foods… but I still was constipated. It wasn’t until earlier this year that I discovered the reason I was having these issues was because I had candida.

Candida was the most important factor that prevented me from having healthy elimination. But the annoying side effects of candida has diminished. Enemas, especially garlic enemas, were a huge part of reigning in those side effects.

I will say getting to this point wasn’t easy, it took perseverance and completely believing in the power that my body could heal through natural means.

I don’t mind opening up about things that some people might think is “unsavory” because it might help someone else, just like the blog/forum posts helped me.

Also, when I started writing about topics like this it was one more way I could hold myself accountable.  Even things we keep hidden often times has a way of being brought to light and affecting those around us because of the poor choices we have made.

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Oh yet another topic you n I have discussed n have in common my trigger was dairy
Jennifer recently posted..Random Furkids Update


That’s good. I thought vegans would not have any problem with constipation since people always say must eat more greens, more fruits to prevent that? I do think one must also drink a lot of water.
suituapui recently posted..And I am telling you…