Cleansing adventures: Drinking juices does not leave me hungry

Posted by on September 11, 2013 at 7:11 am.

Well… I’m entering my third day of drinking freshly made vegetable and fruit juices, and I’m doing fine.

You’re not depriving yourself of nutrients since you’re receiving that in the juices that you prepare. The amounts of nutrients are increased significantly since produced is changed to a concentrated form – liquid. So while I am fasting from solids, the amount of nutrients I receive from consuming produce in a concentrated liquid form far exceeds what I could possibly consume by eating solid food.

In my comment section on the Juicing Adventure: Tons of Energy I received the following comment…

suituapui says:

No solids, just this juice? You don’t get hungry? I really should try as well…
suituapui recently posted..Remember me…

I will say that I’d love to see what suituapui would whip up with juices or smoothies. The food he shares, on his site, looks very tantalizing. I imagine he’d be whipping up some awesome juice concoctions fairly quickly.

Regarding the hunger issue…

If I remember to drink my juice I’m not hungry. I did forget yesterday and felt a few hunger pangs but that was easily remedied by drinking one of my juice blends. I will say that results may vary. I don’t overeat and when I do eat solid foods the foods I eat are very similar to what I juice.

But you don’t have to make a massive switch and drink only juices if it’s something you’ve never done I always encourage people to take baby steps. Replace one meal with juice only and gradually build from there.

This morning I’m sipping on a very spicy drink. The hot peppers make it extremely spicy.

What am I drinking this morning

  • 2 cups of collards
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1 medium red apple
  • 1 small yellow onion
  • 1 jalapeño pepper
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1″ ginger
  • Feed everything into the juicer
  • Enjoy

Warning, most juices I make aren’t usually sweet. In fact, some of them are bitter. I like them that way. However if you want to check out some recipes that have added sweetness, check out Joe Cross’s Juice Cleanse Recipes.  The have a natural sweetness to them some of  the  produce used really bring out the natural sweetness of the juiced drinks.

If you haven’t watched it already check out Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It not only documents Joe Cross’s journey, but half way through it focuses on a truck driver who was tired of his physical condition (ailments and being overweight) and reached out to Joe, who was able to give him information and the moral support that he needed. It’s important to have that support.   Oh I forgot, there’s also a lady that did a ten day juice cleanse that’s included in the documentary. It seemed the main reason she did her cleanse was to help eliminate her migraines naturally…. it worked.

While my reasons for consuming only juice differs from the ones mentioned here, we share common desire to achieve a certain goal.  To be honest, I do take a break from solid foods several times yearly because I have seen the benefits of doing that. I’ve been doing them for years, and even though consuming only liquids is second nature from myself. I still am inspired by others who do the same thing. Regardless, documentaries such as this are truly inspiring.



Extending my juice cleanse by one week – Come join me!

I was planning on ending my fast this weekend, but several people (friends and acquaintances) have contacted me since I started posting about drinking only liquids so starting this coming Sunday I’ll be sure to post everything I eat. If you like, come join my juice only adventure.






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