Cold Process soap; let the curing begin

Posted by on November 23, 2012 at 3:39 pm.

Earlier today, my daughter and I made cold process soap. It’s the first time she’s played an active role in the soapmaking process, and I had a blast talking about the process. We only made three pounds of soap. I decided to keep this batch small while I experimented with a new recipe.

Pulling the lye out of its shipping box. Yes, I did use gloves when I measured and poured the lye.


The lye mixture was measured and carefully added to the distilled water. Here in the USA,Β  In order to purchase Lye, you have to sign a disclaimer that states you won’t be using the caustic substance in an illegal manner. Nothing illegal going on here, I’m just making soap. Did you know that there’s a food grad lye available? It’s used in a variety of foods…including some pretzels.

Measuring solid soap with my digital scale


Since I couldn’t find my rubber apron, I settled for an big/bulky sweatshirt. I donned my ventilator and goggles, and I started making soap! It’s important to remember that you always add lye to your water.Β  You don’t want a possible explosion.

I want to help make soap!


Well, it looks like I have a fur helper, Hi Bentley! He seemed displeased that he couldn’t be around while I was working with the raw soap.


Three pounds of uncured soap. I should be able to cut it tomorrow, then it’ll cure for a few weeks.


I’ll be making another batch next weekend. That batch will be my exfoliating bar soaps, and so I’ll be adding a mix of salt crystals and some herbs from the garden.

A neighbor dropped by when the soapmaking was completed and commented on how nice my dessert smelled. Perhaps he followed his nose to the lovely smells that were coming from our home? He asked what I was making, I laughed and told him I had just got finished making a small batch soap. He could hardly contain his excitement.

I imagine he was hoping I’d gift him with a few bars of homemade soap? His family has raved about how moisturizing the large batch of homemade soap I gifted them with before was. They didn’t want to use the traditional store bought soap after that. I’d made about 30 pounds and gave them a few pounds. I did promise him a few bars so they can try out my new blend. It’s always nice to have eager testers when I’m working on a new recipe. πŸ˜‰Β  I’m thinking I might give a few bars away on Celebrate Life too. I use my soap a few days after making it, but when giving to others I always wait 4-6 weeks.

Next on my ‘to do’ list, is soap molds. Next weekend, I’ll be making several non-stick wooden soap molds.



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