Combating spam; some websites welcome it…

Cat spam police

You’ve been to those sites, where spam overruns the comment section. It’s a major turnoff, right? The site owner is given the impression, that they aren’t paying attention to what’s going on in their virtual home.

I promptly left. It was obvious the owner, wasn’t paying attention to their websites, so why should I?

The thing is…

I just assumed that site owners (who allow this sort of behavior) aren’t reading their comments.

Some of them do…

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a website where the owner dedicated a post to the amount of spam received on their site. I read the post and nodded, yep I can relate…

Bad Behavior has blocked 5493 access attempts in the last 7 days.

That’s the amount of spam, my Bad Behavior blocked on Celebrate Life. Naturally I receive a fair amount of spam since this site is allows Dofollow, CommentLuv, and Keywordluv. Additionally, I recently started promoting this site, so I’ve seen a surge in traffic. But if you’re post is spam, or links to a porn site. Sorry it won’t be published. This is a family friend site. My larger sites receive more…

You know what surprised me? As I continued to read the author’s post, I realized he was mocking  those who left comments on his site, say what? Sure enough… looking through the amount of comments he received, I noticed most of it was spam. In fact, this could be true with the majority of the posts I saw.  His site were overrun with junk comments.

I have no idea why he chose to accept all those spam comments, since it’s obvious he reads them. Perhaps he wanted a high comment count? That means nothing, if the comments left are junk. The quality of the comments left, would far outweigh the volume, right? In his case, I guess not… He really should check out Google’s post; hard facts about comment spam. A few years old, but it’s still relevant today.

I guess some of them actually do read their comments, they just don’t care.

With the numerous anti-spam plug ins available, regardless of what platform you’re using, why keep let publish those comments? It would appear that would send the wrong message of I don’t care about the types of comments that are left on my website.

I’ve been blogging since late 2004, and have had websites since oh about 1998? When it comes to blogging, I’d thought I saw it all; I guess I haven’t…

If you’re not monitoring your site(s) for spam, or personal attacks, why should I bother to comment?

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