Cooking Adventures; Baked Samosas (Vegan and nonvegan)

Posted by on August 21, 2013 at 9:50 am.

Tok, tok, tok, was the steady rhythmic sound you could hear as stone clashed against stone…

Mortar and Pestle ginger&garlic paste

Grinding garlic and ginger in my granite mortar and pestle


The mortar and pestle did an excellent job of turning the trapped cubes of garlic and ginger into a smooth aromatic paste.

It didn’t stop there, I scooped out the fragrant paste, rinsed and dried the heavy granite mortar bowl and filled it with dry ingredients. Once again, I vigorously pounded everything within my granite mortar and pestle. Our kitchen was filled with the heady aroma of spices and herbs as their oils were slowly released…

Me Making somosas_1

Preparing the dough for our samosa’s


I find preparing meals to be quite therapeutic, which might explain why we rarely go out to eat. I’ve been to many fine restaurants, but I find that I can replicate (and in many cases surpass) what I’ve had in those ritzy eating establishments.


The beauty of preparing meals at home, I control what goes into the food. Additionally I keep a clean kitchen, wash properly, so am not thinking, I hope this place is clean. Also making my own food gives me a chance to do something I truly enjoy,  getting creative in the kitchen.

On the menu was samosa’s, during the day (while going about my a work activities) I spent some time thinking about what types of samosas I wanted to prepare. I finally settled on two versions; spicy potato samosa and beef samosa; vegan and non-vegan.

Somosa balls_1

Samosa dough ready to be flattened


The dough was made with flour, water, oil and freshly ground cumin & sea salt.


Making beef somosas_1

Flattening the samosa’s with my favorite rolling pin


These were quickly and efficiently flattened out with my trusty rolling pin. This rolling pin is older than myself and was actually my aunts rolling pin. She’s the one that passed away from a brain tumor. I’ve had this pin for years and it’s my all time favorite.


Making beef somosas_2

Stuffed samosa ready to be covered then put into the oven for baking


The time flew by while preparing these samosas and it usually does since I have awesome company, my daughter.

I could have fried these samosas, but I didn’t since I’m not a fan of fried food. These were baked in the oven. Their aroma filled the room and much before they were ready, my daughter was clamoring for a samosa to sample. Soon, soon… I told her. Was it worth the wait? I’d like to think so, my daughter demolished two.. she ate the spicy potato samosa first and then moved onto the beef samosa. She said they both were good!

I can’t speak for the beef samosa’s but I do know my potato samosa was extremely flavorful. Because of the flour content, I rarely eat flour based products, but sometimes, I make an exception. 😉



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