Cooking Adventures: Curried zucchini with kidney beans, pole beans and garlic; vegan

Posted by on July 19, 2013 at 8:23 am.

A few days ago, I cooked about four cups of dried kidney beans.  Some of it was made into the red kidney beans with brown rice dish, and the rest was packed away into my Pyrex glass storage containers and put into our deep freezer for a later time.


Kidney beans, zucchini_1

Curried zucchini with kidney beans, pole beans and garlic.


This morning I decided to cook some of the kidney beans, but I realized there weren’t too much left, What to do?

Kidney beans, zucchini_2

This is delicious! Next time, I’ll add some sweet bell peppers and perhaps some habanero…


No worries, to the leftover kidney beans, I added pole beans, zucchini and garlic… fresh from the garden! We haven’t pulled up our onions from the garden (yet) so I used store bought onions. I added some seasonings like curry, cumin, and cayenne.

What happened to all those kidney beans?

So why didn’t I have many kidneys left? Last evening, my ten-year old daughter had prepared her very own meal with some of the kidney beans. She ate her meal and offered me some, which I politely refused since I wasn’t hungry. I will try some today. Bottom line, she was proud of her dish that she made it without my help. It smelled delicious. I’m looking forward to trying it later today.

What do you eat when your “cleansing”?

Occasionally, I’ll have people ask me what foods I eat when I’m on a cleanse. I really don’t deviate unless I’m juicing everything. I simply eat what I always eat, which is whole foods with minimal processed foods. I guess you could say,  the “extra cleansing” aspect is the herbs that I use in addition to my healthy eating lifestyle.

Being a vegetarian/vegan doesn’t automatically mean you’re healthy…

You don’t have to be vegetarian or vegan to eat healthy. Truth be told, I’ve encountered a lot of vegetarians/vegans who made extremely unhealthy choices. The key is making healthy food choices, regardless of your eating preferences.


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