Cooking Adventures: Homemade Pizza & Bonding

Posted by on August 26, 2013 at 10:21 am.


Mommy, I want to make pizza this weekend. Can we do that? There are a few ingredients I need to purchase but after that we’ll be ready. I’ll let you do most of the pizza making this time, ok? Thanks mom!

Homemade Pizza -Kneading the dough_1

You can start by kneading the dough! Yeah, I get to knead the dough.


Homemade Pizza dough_1


We’ll have to let the dough rise before it’s rolled. This will be a perfect time for you to take a nap. Awww, Mom!


Homemade Pizza dough_2

Let me demonstrate how to make the crust, then you can take over.

Hopmemade Pizza_8

What do you want to put on the pizza? Is this enough cheese? Mom, you know I like a lot of cheese.


Homemade Pizza_3Is this better?

Homemade Pizza_1

Mom, don’t forget to smother the cheese in the yummy tomato sauce we made.

Homemade Pizza_4

Let’s add sliced tomatoes and mushrooms mom! Sure princess…

Homemade Pizza_5

It’s almost ready mom!

Homemade Pizza_2

I’m going to add a bit more sauce and some more mozzarella cheese! Then it’ll be done!

Homemade Pizza_7
Thanks mom for helping me make the pizza.  It’s delicious.


I must say, that making pizza, was a delightful way to bond with my daughter before she went back to school today.


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