Cooking Adventures; Preparing my new granite mortar and pestle

Posted by on August 12, 2013 at 9:33 pm.

Today, my three cup mortar and pestle arrived by postal mail. And while I really liked the picture I saw on Amazon, I must say it’s more lovely in person. It weighs at least fifteen pounds.

I was eager to try it out, but before I tossed garlic, herbs or any spices into the mortar I thought it would be a smart idea to season my mortar and pestle before using it for the first time.



Prepping mortar and pestle_1

making ‘rice flour’ in my mortar and pestle


I added uncooked rice to the mortar and ground it into a fine powder. From my readings this helps remove the extra stone dust that might be lurking on your mortar and pestle.

Prepping Mortar & Pestle - lemon


After grinding the rice, I added another step to the cleaning process by tossing one cut lemon into the mortar. Lemon is a disinfectant, and I noticed after using it seemed to add a bit of shine to my new tools.

Perfect! With the initial prepwork complete I was ready to start using my new mortar and pestle. But what should I add to it?

Well, I added a lot of spices and herbs to my newest kitchen gadget, so yes the mortar and pestle got a great workout today. Tea leaves were the last thing I ground in it today.


Green tea turning into matcha_1

Making my own matcha with my (granite) mortar and pestle


I figured that grinding gunpowder green tea leaves to make my own matcha was the proper way to wrap up my manual grinding adventure for the day. I promptly made a cup and drank it. The tea was fragrant and since the tea leaves were finely ground… I was receiving added benefits by consuming the tea leaves!


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