Cooking adventures; Spicy stir fried broccoli with a tangy cream sauce

Early this morning I made a spicy broccoli dish. As with many of my dishes, they start out as one thing but turn into something else.

This was a dish that was just going to be stir fry broccoli, but as I was adding the ingredients together, I thought it might be nice to add a roux. The broccoli didn’t come from our garden, it was fairly fresh since I purchased them from our local produce store.

I ground up herbs and spices in my granite mortar and pestle and tossed that into the roux.

Vegan-Spicy Broccoli_1


After the roux was thoroughly blended I  added it to the skillet. It smelled lovely and tasted even better. I had a small portion. But, even though I liked it, I thought it would be much better if I introduced something sweet. Perhaps I’ll add a bit of sweet potato and some pineapple juice to the sauce to pair with the spiciness?

Vegan-Spicy Broccoli_2


I had no time to do that this morning, but it’s an easy fix that I”ll take care of sometime this afternoon.

This meal is perfect served alone, or perhaps with a side order of brown rice or served over zucchini pasta!

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That’s a lot of sauce. Broccoli overseas is so fresh I would just boil lightly and eat like that – so sweet and crunchy. Same with cauliflower – ours here is hopeless, imported. It does not have the nice fragrance, absolutely bland/tasteless.
suituapui recently posted..One day more…