Cooking Adventures: Stir fry ramen noodles with garlic curried chicken

Posted by on July 25, 2013 at 7:10 am.

Inspired by suituapui’s post about ramen noodles

I decided to do something with the instant noodles I had…

Instant noodles were something I used often during my college days. I rarely ate them plain but usually added something to them. After all, who wants to eat plain noodles? I most certainly do not!

I decided to use one of my daughter’s instant noodle packs and prepare her a quick heat & serve meal that she could eat when she wanted something savory.

I don’t use the enclosed seasoning packet. It was immediately tossed into the trash.



Raman Noodles_Adding ingredients

Cooking yellow onion and seasoned eggs


In a stainless steel skillet I chopped up yellow onion and added the seasoned egg mixture to the skillet. I cooked everything until the onions were almost clear. Right beside the skillet, was a small pot filled with boiling water, and of course the ramen noodles!


Rinsing the raman noodles_2

Rinsing the ramen noodles


Once the noodles were finished cooking…

I rinsed them off thoroughly with water. I do this too all my purchased noodles.

Stir fry raman noodles and garlic curried chicken_1

Stir fry ramen noodles with garlic curried chicken


And now is where the fun began; combining everything!

The noodles were tossed into a serving dish with the ingredients from the skillet. And here’s where I added something extra…

I remembered that ( a few days before) I’d prepared some honey roasted garlic chicken thighs for my daughter. I took one of the thighs and shredded the meat, tossed into the skillet with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, curry and some other seasonings. I then tossed that into the ramen noodle dish. I set aside a portion to keep it vegan (for me.) I served a portion to my daughter, while setting aside the rest to be eaten, by her, at a later date.

The results, my daughter seemed to really like this dish. I know I liked my portion. She was thrilled that there were leftovers for when I don’t feel like preparing a meal.

And there you go… a quick meal, that was made more delicious (and healthier) by adding my own additions.

Many thanks to suituapui for the inspiration…


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