Crafting Adventures: Super Sculpey Sculpturing Compound

Posted by on October 25, 2013 at 10:22 pm.

Earlier today, my daughter had a play date with her best  friend O.

In a post earlier this week I wrote this…

This Friday, my daughter, her best friend and I will be having fun with soap making. I’ll be making several pounds of liquid castile soap. No this isn’t one of the partially prepared soaps since I’ll be making the real thing. I have plenty of sodium hydroxide aka lye available. It’ll be a nice learning experience for my daughters friend and fun time for everyone involved.

But, we didn’t have her as long as we’d originally planned. I found that out a few days ago. That meant many of the activities I’d planned; hay rides, making cold processed soap and making lip balms had to be put on hold. Which is fine… My daughter (and her friend) weren’t the only one’s slightly disappointed; I was too. But, there will be other times when they have much more time together.

Today, they hung out together for about three hours. O, is crafty like my daughter and so after about an hour of running around my daughter’s room being silly, they were ready to settle down and make something with clay.

Super Sculpy

Since their play date was shorter, I decided a nice alternative to all the events I had planned was to  create items with Sculpey Super Sculpturing Compound (clay.) My daughter and I worked with this clay a few months ago and really liked it a lot. Since the girls love to be creative, I thought this was the perfect activity!

Making clay figures, pendants, beads, jewelry and Christmas ornaments

The two girls made human figures and I made  a few pendants, beads, jewelry, and some Christmas ornaments. After everything was assembled, I baked the items in the oven at 275 F. I kept a watchful eye on the clay to make sure it didn’t burn. By the time O’s mom came to retrieve her, her items were ready.

We sent O home with her sculpted doll that she made (which looked a lot like her.) Additionally, I gave her a few of the pendants that I made. And as an added bonus, she received her very own box of Super Sculpey Clay. She was thrilled! Her mom, is into craft making also, so I won’t be surprised if she starts purchasing that clay for some of their crafting adventures.

Upcoming clay projects: Making Buttons, stitch markers and other items…

The few hours spent with them was a lot of fun. So much so, that my daughter and I are planning on making more items from clay tomorrow, after her school project is completed. Tomorrow, I plan on making buttons and stitch markers. I’ll be designing and sewing a few holiday outfits for my daughter and one for myself. I would love to make my own funky buttons to compliment the outfits I create.  My daughter has no idea what she wants to make. I’ll be sure to post pictures of some of our creations.

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