Crafty Christmas; making a beaded bracelet and loom woven cloths

Posted by on December 26, 2013 at 2:00 am.

My daughter and I had a wonderful Christmas.

We spent a lot of time in the family room chatting while being absorbed in our own creative world. One of the gifts I gave to my daughter was a beading loom, after showing her how to use it she immediately started working on a bracelet. I purchased her glass beads to accompany the loom and even gave her one box filled with some of my favorite glass beads. The loom I purchased, is the same type I’d bought for myself in my early twenties. I told her this loom was the gateway to much fancier looms if the beading bug bit her. It seems as it has since she spent hours yesterday familiarizing herself with the loom and weaving a lovely bracelet.

Daughter's beading loom_1


While she was working on her beaded bracelet, I finished my loom woven dishcloth and was able to make two washcloths from the same warp!

Loom woven dishcloth_1

Woven dishcloth


Today marked another first, I sewed my own woven cloth!

Loom woven washcloth&dishcloth

Cotton woven washcloths and dishcloth; Threads still need to be trimmed before these are tucked away.


Securing my woven fabric with a sewn hem

Once the fabric is woven it needs to be secured. How did I do that? Well… I secured the edges of the dishcloth and two washcloths with a zigzag stitch; I used my Brother PC-420 sewing machine. From my online search, I’ve see a lot of fringes used on items made with the rigid heddle loom. Cute… but I’m not a big fan of fringes. That’s why I secured my woven fabric with a sewn hem. I have three more washcloths on the loom. I’ll be pulling out my Serger machine; Brother 1034D and will secure the edges with a rolled hem.

Last week, I didn’t keep my commitment of two washcloths/dishcloths per week, but I’m making up for it this week. By the end of the week, I should have woven five washcloths.


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