Creating a meal from leftovers; Chicken fried rice

Posted by on March 28, 2012 at 6:32 pm.

Yesterday, I told my daughter I was going to make chicken pot pie for todays dinner. I still had leftover chicken breasts from the meal I’d prepared for her this past Sunday, and I thought that placing the breasts in a crust, along with some veggies, would make a great dinner.

Today in Maryland, the temperature was over 70 F, and so I changed my plans. I decided to make something much lighter; chicken fried rice (and for myself vegetable fried rice).

Cooked chicken breasts

The cooked chicken breasts were chopped into small chunks, and set aside.


Olive oil

A bit of olive oil was added to a heated skillet.

Brown eggs

Two eggs, and some seasonings, were added.



Next, chopped green onions were included, along with coarsely chopped broccoli.

Brown rice

Cooked brown rice was added, and I stirred everything for a few minutes. I then included the chopped chicken breast, and the sweet corn. I sauteed the chicken and corn for a bit longer, and set aside my newly created meal from leftovers.

Chicken Fried Rice 2 03 28 12

Besides the eggs, green onions, seasonings,  and oil everything else was leftovers, but together they made a great meal! Of course, I made a vegan version for myself; vegetable fried rice.

Should I have done something differently? Well, I love garlic, and it would have complimented this dish. Also for a bit more color (and added sweetness), I could have added slivers of carrot and red bell pepper.

However, even without these additions, I was pleased with how it turned out, and the fact that a lot of the chicken fried rice was eaten, was a great indicator that my daughter and father enjoyed their meal. I loved my veggie fried rice too, unfortunately I ate my dish before I remembered that I was supposed to take a photo. Whoops!

My mother is still out of town, and so I’ve been preparing my fathers meals. When it comes to cooking, he’s the stereotypical old school American dad. He doesn’t really cook that much. Which is fine, my mother loves to cook, and so do I. Cook for my dad, whenever mom’s away? Sure, no problem!


Chicken Fried Rice 1 03 28 12

Inspiration for this dish came from the wonderful blogger, Suituapui. A few days ago he’d made a fried noodle dish. Reading his post, I realized I hadn’t made a fried dish in a while. Since my daughter and I love fried rice dishes… I thought that was the next best thing.

Do you want to know what’s hilarious? Right after I made this dish I logged onto his site, and he had made a fried rice dish too, but not the same thing, his fried rice dish has fermented shrimp (first time hearing about them — but sounds fascinating) and he added other delicious ingredients.


  • suituapui says:

    Oooo…your fried rice looks great, Opal! I’m sure it tastes great too. Hmmm…I would never have any leftover chicken to use for frying rice…and eggs seem to do wonders to fried rice or noodles, for that matter. The best part? With carbs, meat and veg…it is a complete or balanced meal by itself. Cheers!!!

    P.S. Thanks for your compliments and your kind words. Yes, we do eat some strange stuff here and some actually made it into that tv show – “Bizarre Foods”. LOL!!!
    suituapui recently posted..Those little things…


    Opal Reply:

    @suituapui, It was great, was thrilled that my daughter wasn’t disappointed about not having the chicken pot pie. Yes, eggs add something extra to a dish.

    The best part? With carbs, meat and veg…it is a complete or balanced meal by itself. Cheers!!!

    That’s the part I like the most! 🙂

    Oh, I don’t watch too much tv, but I’ve seen that show. Interestingly enough, when I do watch tv (usually when on vacation) it’s usually nature or some type of food show.
    Opal recently posted..Lenten: Serving others; A busy month


  • Laura says:

    I would have never thought of putting eggs in it actually, but it is a great tip, rice and eggs make such a nice blend when it comes to tastes.
    Laura recently posted..I Am a Bag Lady!


    Opal Reply:

    @Laura, It does, and my daughter (and father) loved their fried rice.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Opal recently posted..First day of Spring; Peach blossoms


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