Crochet and knitting: Tying up loose ends; knitting in rounds with circular knitting needles

Posted by on June 9, 2012 at 6:26 am.

Sometime this weekend, I’ll be washing the crocheted and knitted bag that I’m making for my daughter’s teacher…


Crochet half double crochet

The bulk of the crocheted bag is complete, I know it doesn’t look like it from the above picture. In total, this bag is three foot long, of course it won’t be that length when it’s pieced and sewn together. I am positive that my daughter’s teacher will love this gift.

I truly love what she has done with my daughter’s third grade class, and I want her to know it. Well, I know she does, I’ve sent her notes and gifts throughout the year. And yesterday, I received a really nice card, with a long message from her. It felt great.

I’m still undecided if I’ll hand-sew or machine-sew the ends together, but I have a few days to make my decision.

Since the end is near with this bag, last evening I kept my hands occupied with knitting…


Knitting stockinette stitch circular needles 2 06 09 12

It felt great playing around with my circular needles. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was on television, and so my daughter, and I curled up in our family room, and watched the movie on our 53″ flat screen television.

I don’t need to look at my hands when I’m knitting. My hands automatically “know” where to go.

Regarding the circular needles, I’ve been using them for a few weeks. I haven’t made anything yet, but I have knitted a lot to get getting comfortable knitting with a cable attached to the ends. I’m finally over that awkward stage, and can now knit as smoothly as I do with my regular knitting needles/double pointed needles. 

I figured last evening was a good time as any to start knitting in the round with my circular knitting needles. It’s the main reason I bought them after all, I’d much prefer to knit socks, and a variety of other projects with circulars knitting needles instead of DPNs (double pointed knitting needles). I’ve knitted in the round with those many times, but never with circular knitting needles.

I’m pleased to say I didn’t find this “new process” difficult. No mistakes were made, and since I’d been practicing with the circular needles (daily) for over a week, knitting with circulars no longer feels awkward. 

When attempting something new, you need to allow yourself time to get used to the basics. I always do that before moving onto something more advanced.

Knitting stockinette stitch circular needles 1 06 09 12

If you look at the above picture, you’ll see a “jewel” hanging from my knitting. That’s my row marker. Last evening, I created it, along with others.

Since I’m pleased with how knitting on circular needles is going, I’ll be frogging this project (ripping out the stitches) and casting on something new. 

And yes, I already have ideas in mind…

While knitting with my circular knitting needles, a few  creative thoughts invaded my brain, and it was all about a gorgeous hand knit sweater… for me! The ideas were so delightful that I hurriedly sketched them on paper before they vanished. That’s happened to me when I was in my teens…I’d have an idea, sometimes they would awaken me sleep, but in all instances, I’d forgotten to write it down, and it vanished. I quickly learned to write immediately, so I wouldn’t lose the inspiration. Now, I stop and draw when I’m inspired. I’m sure I’ll be knitting that inspiration within a few months. Knitting will play the major role in that project, but crochet will be stopping by to join in on the creative fun.


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