Crochet: Basic Beanie hat for Monster High doll; Frankie Stein

Monster High doll Frankie Stein Crocheted Hat

Yesterday, I posted a picture of a crocheted hat I’d made for the Monster High dollDraculaura, she’s a Monster High doll.

That hat was actually a crocheted square. I sewed three corners together to make it into a hat. I mentioned that I didn’t feel confident enough to make a proper hat. Well… the more I thought about that comment, the more I realized I was just being silly, and so this morning I searched for a hat video. I found one, but I simply couldn’t follow the directions, since the Youtube instructor was going too fast. It’s not the same Youtube lady I posted about yesterday. Crochet’s videos are really good.

Crocheting without a pattern

Today, I made a proper hat for Frankie Stein,  another one of my daughter’s Monster High dolls. I had some free time, and crocheted the hat. I have several of these hats, that I wear during the cold months. It’s nice to keep my locks protected from the elements, now and again and what better way to do that then rock them with a funky beanie hat. I’m absolutely thrilled that I crocheted a miniature beanie hat for one of my daughter’s dolls.

Crocheting this hat wasn’t a smooth process… I made a few mistakes. The majority was caught, and so I was able to pull the stitches out and redo, but others I didn’t see until after I was completed. It’s all good though. I’m now using a row marker, and I’m making a point to count the rows. Something, I’ve been avoiding doing — until now. Perhaps as I progress, I won’t have to do it as much?

Clothing design

As a child, I didn’t have too many dolls. They didn’t interest me. The only time I gave them any attention was to clothe them in the various designs I’d created. I started sewing at eight years of age, and continue today. Over the years, some of my work has been featured in local fashion shows, and a few of my designs have graced some local boutiques too. In late teens through twenties, I made the majority of my clothing and often received comments about where I’d purchased the outfits I wore, since they hadn’t seen them anywhere. That was a perfect opportunity to market myself.

I already have a lot of crocheted designs, I’d love to make, but until my skill catches up with my ideas, they simmer on the back burner — a bit longer.

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This is PERFECT for that doll!! very nice!
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