Crochet: Double double treble group; fixing mistakes

Posted by on November 4, 2012 at 8:03 pm.

I really enjoy tackling challenging projects…

I was still having issues crocheting the double double treble group, so I looked at the scarf on the patten test, and figured out a few things I was doing wrong. Also helpful, was revisiting Sarah’s pattern testing post. I remembered that she had done small swatch, for another pattern tester, and so I flipped pages until I found her sample. Ding! Ding! After viewing her practice swatch, I saw what else I doing incorrectly.

I can now see the mistakes I’m making with crocheting the double double treble group.


I figured out that the stitches are connected at the top, but I forgot an important step, I need to connect at the bottom too! Many thanks to Sarah, for commenting on my latest post, to offer additional tips. I really appreciated that.

I’ve stopped working on the scarf today, it’s  time to hang out with my daughter a bit more before it’s her bedtime. However, after work tomorrow, I’ll use the knowledge I’ve learned with my practice swatch, and apply it too the actual scarf. I figured it was wise to work on a practice swatch, until I realized my errors since I didn’t want to keep wrecking my lovely yarn.

When it comes to hand crafts, I’m a visual person, with some techniques I’m fine reading and applying, but with complicated stitches videos or photos are very helpful.

Mistakes happen… learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward.


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