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I’ve been working on a Yo-yo flower afghan for the past few months, but I’ve avoided crocheting granny square afghans…

Most of the ones I’ve seen, have looked nice but I wasn’t interested in making those. I wanted an afghan with lots of flowers, and the look I wanted… well, I wasn’t seeing.

I eventually knew I’d see a granny square afghan pattern that would be saying, “Come on Opal, crochet me!”

Well that’s happened…

A few days ago, Pammy posted this crocheted floral afghan on her site Scotty’s Place. I think it’s gorgeous. Look at all those flowers! We have a large and small flower gardens scattered around our property. So yes… it’s safe to say that I adore flowers.

I believe this week, I’ll learn how to make granny squares. Pammy was kind enough to send me a video tutorial of the joining method, and there’s always YouTube if I run into any issues. And… my mom is the queen of afghan making. So I should be set, right?

This week I’ll start on a small granny square project. Perhaps a granny square pillow?

Next, I’ll have to decide on the color scheme for this afghan. My colors will differ from the ones pictured in this photo. After that’s sorted, I’ll head to my local yarn store and purchase  the required yarn for the afghan. I’m actually excited about this crochet project. It should keep me occupied for a while.

Initially, I was trying to decide who should I give the completed floral afghan too? But, the more I think about it… I believe I’ll keep the first one. It most likely will grace my daughter’s bed. She loves bright colors as much as myself, so there’ll be plenty of those colors on display with the first afghan.

The second one I crochet will be gifted to someone special. I just don’t know who will be the lucky recipient…

Photo Source: Scotty’s Place 

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LOL. I am afraid you are never going to get to keep any of your crocheted items for yourself with your daughter around! But it is nice to know how much she loves the things you are making. That afghan is going to be amazing. I think that pattern works in any color combination or even with just scraps of leftovers! Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I just bought the yarn I need to make my own afghan (the one I’ve already posted a photo of). So I may not be making the same pattern as you right now but I will be working on an afghan that contains granny squares! 🙂 They actually are fun to make and can be addicting which may be why we see so many granny squares from the 60s and 70s!


Oooooo…that is sooo beautiful! What granny? It’s a fashion statement. I think if big enough to wear as a wrap or a shawl, it can be very stylish. Of course it depends on the person wearing it – must be able to carry it with style. Wink! Wink! LOL!!!
suituapui recently posted..She loves you…

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i’m thinking of give my mother a litter surprise with this. You’ve lucky to have such a great teacher at home Opal 🙂
Do you know any place that I can lean how to make this online?

CoCo @ coconut water

I am already starting to crochet potholders to give to relatives as Christmas presents. When I make them with only one layer, they are too thin, and it is possible to get burned through them.