Crochet video tutorial; Three hour crochet slippers

Posted by on March 22, 2012 at 10:39 am.

“Do you have any footies that I can use?” Is the question my mother asked, when she called me yesterday.

Today, she’s going to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Texas, and she doesn’t feel like walking around with nothing on her feet. She’s so unlike me! I’m the barefoot queen. You wouldn’t be able to tell it by checking out my feet, I’m also the diva when it comes to keeping my feet looking appealing. I do my own pedicures.

Anyway, when she asked that question, I interpreted it as, “Opal, will you make me some crochet slippers?” ” I know you can make them since I’ve seen at least two pairs that you’ve made for  my grandaughter.” Get this, my mom knows how to crochet, she’s miles ahead of me. However, she mainly makes afghans; not the granny squares or Yo-Yo crochet afghans, but everything else. Her work is exquisite!

Since I knew what she was really asking me, I said, “How about I just crochet you some slippers?” Her reply, “Sure, if you want to…” Abut three hours later, I had crocheted her slippers. It wouldn’t have taken that long, but I took breaks to help my daughter with some projects, and make her snacks. I forgot to take pictures once I complete the slippers, but since my daughter and I will be dropping her off at the airport today, I’ll be sure to take a few photos.

My father saw my mom’s slippers and said, “Ok, now you have to make me a pair!” It’s my dads way of saying that he likes them. Yeah… that was real subtle dad! <smirks> My family is something else… we’ll go out of our way to help others, but when it comes to asking for things for ourselves… it’s like pulling teeth. Yep, I’m the same way. For some reason it feels ‘wrong’ to ask for something…


For those interested in how to make the crochet slippers, check out Hectanooga’s Youtube video… My crochet slippers are slightly different, but this is a great crochet slipper tutorial for those new to crocheting slippers. It’s so simple that even a person that’s new to crochet can complete them, although it might take a bit longer.

Kudos to Hectanooga for responding to Youtube users that might have questions. When I was making a chunky crochet hat for my nephew she answered my questions quickly, which tells you she’s paying attention to her readers. Thanks so much Hecternooga!

Don’t know how to crochet? No worries, check out the post the features how to crochet video tutorials.

Prepping for Christmas…

Although Christmas is far away, I’m already working on items for this upcoming year, and this year I’ll be including a few of my gaming buddies. Soon I’ll be emailing a few of my gaming buddies like Kaozz, Anexxia, and Lightshadow (affectionately known as ‘Malk’), in hopes they’ll send me their addresses. Malk’s my loveable retired naval Alliance guild leader.

For those familiar with WoW, I met him while questing in StrangleThorn Vale on my newly made Alliance druid. I mainly play Horde. I stayed with the faction, because of the amazing folk I met there (always willing to help out — just like myself!) — still miss Horde though. I’m an officer in his guild, not on too much to game, but always willing to do run throughs or craft something for a guildmate since my toons have all the professions maxed out.

I met them all through the game World of Warcraft, although I don’t game too much, so busy yah know!  I always check out Kaozz and Anexia’s  blog Malk doesn’t have a blog, but we communicate via Skype and email.



  • marlo says:

    My friend used to teach me how to crochet a small pouch bag and guess what? I ended up messing around with the patterns and step! lol! Watching your video made me remember those days and I think I might try the slippers when I get time. Hope I will make it this time.


    Opal Reply:

    Hi @marlo, You should check it out, Hectanooga does an excellent job with the crochet slipper tutorial. I made my first pair of slippers about a month after I got back into crocheting. 🙂
    Opal recently posted..Crochet video tutorials: How to crochet


  • Julie says:

    Thanks for sharing this nice tutorial, I think I1m going to give it a try, and although I don’t feel talented like you, maybe something cool will be the result:)
    Julie recently posted..crowns for teeth


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