Crocheted leviathan band bracelet: Pattern test is done!

Posted by on May 27, 2012 at 2:33 pm.

This crocheted bracelet was supposed to be completed yesterday, but since my daughter wasn’t feeling the greatest, I didn’t get a chance to stop by Michaels to purchase the embroidery floss.

Crochet Leviathan band bracelet 1 05 27 12 copy


 The silver jewelry was created by myself from silver wire. I coiled, and twisted them into the desired shape. I used a manual Atlas Pasta machine to flatten and set the finished pieces.

Crochet Leviathan band bracelet 2 05 27 12 copyFor the grey and black tubes, straight silver was woven through the holes, and turned at the end with jewelry tools. The button was crocheted.

Crochet Leviathan band bracelet 3 05 27 12

When it comes to crochet and knitting, I like them both, so why not work on projects simultaneously? 

If you’re a Ravelry user, you can view my crocheted bracelet project page. This pattern test is done. I have one more pattern test to complete, and after that I believe I’ll take a break from testing crocheted patterns. Not that I don’t like doing them, I truly do, but I have a few projects that I want to focus on, such as the crocheted bag that I’m making for my daughter’s third grade teacher.

Crochet Pattern Designer

Becky of The Tangled Skien is the crochet designer for this crocheted bracelet pattern.


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