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Posted by on July 23, 2010 at 12:19 pm.

hammer.07.23.10.gifFor the past several months renovations have been going on in our home, furniture, and numerous other items were moved while the work was being completed, and over time we were able to move things back into their proper home.

Some of the items found new locations because they simply fit better in the new space, and other items were donated to nonprofit organization or given away to family/friends.

Our house renovations are almost complete, the house is a little bigger, a litte more environmentally friendly, and more importantantly the house is feeling like home again. Our dog, Mr. Bentley is happy too, as the reigning king of “his castle” aka our home, he now has full command of every room, so his bouts with the occasional grumpy attack is becoming a distant memory.

To be honest, I’m shocked with the amount of items I’ve parted with over the past several months. Some items were things I had latched on for sentimental reasons and haven’t used in years, others were things I did use but realized I could do without them. I still have bookshelves full of books, and have no desire to get rid of them.

Regarding my books, I realize that our home can only house so many books. I get it, do I like it? No, but I’ve eased up on my book purchases. These days, I’m picking up books from the library, and I’m looking for alternative methods, like the electronic ebooks.

I’ve seen the Amazon Kindle, touched it, played with it, and even reviewed it for a few tech websites. It does a lot of the things you want from a ebook, but I didn’t like it’s appearance. I am interested in the iPad, love the looks and the fact that it’s more than an ebook device. I’ve been wanting Apple to release something similar for years. I’m in no rush to get one; it will be around when I finally decide to get it.

In other news…

Yesterday, my daughter, and I went to the pool. It’s always nice to take a break from your work/personal activities and spend time with the family. Yes, I did more aqua jogging to the delight of my seven-year old daughter.

Shortly after returning home, I made Black Bean burgers; they turned out amazing. They were slightly crisp on the outside, and moist on the inside. The combination of black beans, vegetables, and spices, made a delicious and healthy burger. These vegan burgers stayed firm, even during the burger flipping. I used a 1/2 cup of oatmeal to bind the ingredients, more on those burgers and a recipe (or two) will be posted this weekend.

Last evening my daughter and I had a craving for Chinese food and so I made stir fried vegetable rice. We’re not late night eaters, but it was a nice change, the vegetables tasted delicious, plenty of photos were taken, so I’ll be sure to post a few over the weekend.


  • kaozz says:

    Glad you’ve gotten everything sorted out! It is always so nice when things like that finish up, you feel as though you can breathe.

    Mmm those black bean burgers, well the idea of them in my mind, are making me hungry haha!


    Moondancer Reply:

    @kaozz, It is, it is, it feels great! The black bean hurgers were fun to make. I’ve thought about grilling some outside today, but I must be crazy! It’s supposed to be in the over 100 F. 😉


  • suituapui says:

    I used to hate clutter…but eventually, I got tired of picking after everybody else in the house, so now I’ll just learn to leave with it. My missus hoards stuff too… I have to resist the urge to secretly throw everything away. Hehehehehehe!!!


    Moondancer Reply:

    @suituapui, Uhm, in my case most of the stuff was my own, lol. It was neat, but it still had to go. I blame my dad for my packrat tendencies. Yeah, that’s it… I’ll put it all on him. 😉

    One of my cousins says he secretly throws things away that belongs to his wife and daughters, not sure what happens when they find out. 😉


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