Disaster area; cleanup imminent

Wednesday, I rearranged by bedroom/design area.  The bed has been moved to the other side of the room, which opens up more space for my fiber creativity; crochet, knitting, and sewing.

My nine-year old daughter seems to love it too, since she’s been hanging out in mommy’s room for reading. It’s nice to see she loves book, almost as much as myself. And while I’d love her to read more than the R.L. Stine series, for her “no-brainer reading.” I don’t push it, since she reads a variety of educational topic too. She’s read the Stine read numerous times already, she did pick up the latest Monster High Book: Monster High 4; Back Deader Than Ever, the last time we visited the library.

But back to my bedroom, I found a ton of clothes in s small closet I rarely use. I sorted through them, and am giving them away to a local charity. Quite a few of the items in there are clothes I designed, but I know I won’t wear them anymore. They still look great, but I already have enough clothing, so why hold on to items I most likely won’t wear? It seems a bit silly… you know?

The good news is, since now have extra space, I have the perfect spot to put my embroidery floss, fabric and yarn. Oh my jewerly supplies are there too. The closet is big enough for all my supplies with room left over. I even stacked Cuttlebug, paper, and stamps on one of the shelves. While I’m not as active with sketching, like my daughter, I regularly my own cards, and I make sure I have a variety of paper on hand; plain, linen, canvas, and card stock for  both of us.

The good news is that my bedroom should be back to normal in a few hours, with the added perk that I have more space… pure  win!

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