Does a healthy person need to do additional cleansing?

Posted by on April 11, 2014 at 10:07 am.

One aspect of cleansing that some might not like is the garbage we can uncover when we eliminate. Rather than being turned off by this process, It fascinates me. I’m amazed at the changes we can witness when we really focus on cleansing.

I eat extremely healthy. Only whole foods, no fake foods/meats, processed sugars, etc.  My intake is high raw but I realize what I eat is only part of the equation. Equally important is keeping my body healthy through exercise, my mind healthy by being positive and my spiritual health vibrant by having a close relationship with Christ. I believe, all these are important for individuals.

Even with all that, I’ve found that I need to do additional cleanses. The reasoning behind this (for me at least) is simple. We’re bombarded with a variety of chemicals through our environment and though our bodies do cleanse, I’m skeptical that it can handle the amount of unhealthy toxins that we are exposed too. Seeing what has come out (and chatting with other like minded folks) is an indication that at times we do need to kick it up a few notches.

Besides following a whole/high raw foods eating lifestyle I also add juice fasts and enemas into the mix and as with anything else I’ve done countless research before deciding that they are right for myself.

Some might view this as extreme but I see it as the way we all should eat. Also, the impact it has had on my health is a powerful persuader. I’ve mentioned often before, that initially it was hard to imagine I could feel any better than I already do, but adding the ‘extra’s to help my body out has done just that.

Recently, I stumbled upon Dr. Emil K. Schandl on Youtube. I really enjoy watching him on YouTube. He talked about the importance of doing cleansing even if you’re in ‘pristine health.’ Interesting indeed…

Dr. Emil K. Schandl, is a clinical biochemist and oncobiologist based in Hollywood, Florida. Lot’s of great information about this man and I’m interested in learning more.

Since I’m always looking to increase my knowledge about natural remedies I purchased the book, The Oil That Heals: A Physician’s Successes With Castor Oil Treatments. While I’m familiar with castor oil and its health benefits, I know there’s still a lot to learn. This should be an interesting read.

The Oil That Heals

Castor oil… my does that bring back memories! As a child, my mother would give my brother and me a spoonful of it almost every single day. Blech! It wasn’t a punishment, she knew about the benefits of castor oil and she wanted to make sure we received them. Gee… thanks mom!

castor oil comic

My mother did (eventually) upgrade castor oil to cod liver oil, still vile tasting stuff but not nearly as disgusting as castor oil. I will say that my brother and I rarely had an issue with constipation. 😉


  • Jennifer says:

    I haven’t watched this video yet but it was on my YouTube Feed for Raw Foods over the weekend. I think it was highlighted on The Durian King’s Channel – perhaps from his retreat? Was Dr. Robert Morse at The Durian King’s retreat – not sure!?

    Anyhow…looking forward to more of his videos!
    Jennifer recently posted..A 3rd Fiat?


  • Jennifer says:

    Oh My Goodness! My Bad! I thought that was Dr. Robert Morse before looking a 2nd time! WOWZA! Kind of looks like him – if you look real fast! Oops! Sorry! Anyhow…now I’m wording if this was filmed at his retreat, tho! I will have to check 🙂
    Jennifer recently posted..A 3rd Fiat?


    Opal Reply:

    @Jennifer, You think so? I didn’t think they looked a lot alike. They do talk about the same type of things though. 🙂
    Opal recently posted..Book Giveaway: Rawvolution by Matt Amsden


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