Dr. Robert Morse on Candida Albicans (Fungus) Issues

Posted by on March 11, 2014 at 8:27 pm.

This past Saturday I had a lot of free time. My daughter was at her friends for a birthday celebration. I finished my work, went outdoors and enjoyed the fresh air for a bit, once I returned inside I finally got a chance to check out a few of Dr. Robert Morse’s YouTube videos. I hadn’t heard about him until recently and was curious to learn more about what he does.

If you do a bit of research, you’ll find that he has a fairly impressive background; he holds a Doctorate of Science in Biochemistry. After I learned more about him, I could easily understand certain scientific terms/explanations were effortlessly woven within his conversation. He’s speaking about topics that he’s very knowledgeable about.

Fruit sugars and candida

It was interesting listening to his explanation about fungal infections and some of the misconceptions about candida. For example all sugars being bad, even fruit. Or the fact that you must avoid all sugar (including fruits) to eliminate parasites. Say what? There are ingredients within fruit that are very helpful to ward off candida or parasites. So yes… I always found this blanket statement a bit strange, especially with the results I was seeing when I decided to introduce juicing fruits only into my candida plan. Instead of making the candida go haywire it was seeming to help, hmmm… But I’m just one person you know, the results might vary depending upon the person. Well… after more research I found others using fruit, just like myself in their fight against candida. So of course what Dr. Morse said made sense. I had first hand experience and I agree with him. Raw fruits can be good, but processed sugars aren’t when fighting candida.

Hardly any candida symptoms

I received one of his books today and will be doing some bedtime reading. I will say months later my candida has not been happy since I’m constantly giving it a beat down.

Candida cravings/symptoms… take a hike!

Yes, I did go through the part where I had intense cravings for things that would wreak havoc with candida, and sometimes I did cave but… I made it over the mountain and now I’m cruising. I still make homemade pizza, but you know what? I’m not interested in having it at all even though it looks amazing!  I’m at the point, where I can look at them without craving them and that indeed is a blessing.  I realized the culprit behind those cravings was my candida. It was craving those yeasty foods and I thought it was me. The American Parasite video was a great visual tool for myself.

I do get the occasional itch and that usually means I’ll be passing some candida colonies in my bowel movements. Do I still take enemas? Of course I do, but only as needed. Making proper food choices has helped, having regular bowel movements and the occasional enema have all played an important role into bringing me where I am now.


  • Jennifer says:

    I’ve been a fan of his on YouTube for a while now! VERY knowledgeable and interesting!
    Jennifer recently posted..“LETTUCE” Start Container Gardening!


    Opal Reply:

    @Jennifer, Yes he’s very knowledgeable, I’ve already read through his entire book. I did that the first day. I’ll have to post a review about it at some point. His books are a lot like his video, but I have the bonus of being able to refer to it whenever I want without plugging into a gadget. 😉
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    Jennifer Reply:

    I know that Dan McDonald and Bill Barlow mention him a lot – that’s how I ‘found him’. Lots of great info!
    Jennifer recently posted..The First of the Lettuces


    Opal Reply:

    @Jennifer, I heard about him on Dan’s site when he was talking about helping a person overcome candida with fruit. A great time for me to hear that since my body has been telling me to up my juicing of fruits. I had been with no negative results as some of the candida experts said would happen. For quite some time, I’d thought that some of them had incorrectly lumped all sugars as bad when it comes to candida since many of your fruits also contain components to effectively fight off candida. In my mind, it did not make sense that those same ingredients would be invalid because it came from fruit. Which is another reason I never follow anyone blindly, yes I might listen but I always do my own research even for people I admire. I tell my daughter to do the same thing. I said, yes even follow up what I say and determine for yourself if what I’m saying is accurate.
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