Embroidery Adventures: Frozen

The Lutheran youth group, that my daughter is in, will be showing the movie Frozen. Neither one of us has seen the movie so I know she’s really looking forward to seeing it with her friends.

Of course that got me thinking about designing an machine embroidering a Frozen themed tee shirt for her.


Truth be told, I’d been thinking about creating something from Frozen ever since I saw the pictures from the movie. However, I held off, since was unsure who to make it for? My daughter is fine with me embroidering a ‘Frozen themed’ shirt with my Brother Designio DZ820E as long as it does not look too “childish”.

Frozen - Olaf
Olaf from the movie, Frozen.

I’ve told my daughter to pick out a character she wanted me to embroider and while I was sure she’d choose Olaf (he’s so adorable) but

Frozen - two sisters

she wants me to embroider one (or both) of the sisters.

metro embroidery thread pack

Once my Metro embroidery thread arrives, I’ll hoop up the project and start machine embroidering with my Brother Designio DZ820E.


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Ooooo…my girl’s favourite cartoon movie!!! The snowman looks so cute! 😀
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