Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Another great documentary about one mans journey to improving his health by consuming freshly made juices.

You don’t  have to be overweight to be unhealthy though… If a person continues to make improper food choices the chances are much higher that their health will be compromised. Since I know that, it makes it easy for me to forgo meals processed/prepackaged meals.

I find documentaries like this to be extremely inspirational. It’s always nice to see people making positive changes in their eating habits.


From the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead website

Juicing Out Obesity

Joe Cross was just an average man with a huge problem. He was obese. As the doctors could no longer help him and with an urge to be completely off of all his medicines, he decided to create his own diet plan – before losing his life.

Joe considered his options and he set off for a trek of 3,000 miles – carrying only a generator and a juicer. His goal was to be on the road for sixty days; through rain and sun; consuming nothing but juice. His triumph, in the end, was a massive loss – of weight, that is. His loss is our gain as he had the entire journey filmed for an audience to later partake of.

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I watched this a while back and thought it was Excellent! I actually wanted it a 2nd time, too! I think everyone should watch this! Wonderfully done!
Jennifer recently posted..Vegan MoFo ~ Vegan Fried Green Tomatoes & Sauce, Sweet & Spicy Vegg Fried Rice, Chai Spices, & Furkids


I completely agree!
They are still inspiring!

That salad sounds great, too!
Last year I did a MONTH of Large Raw Salads every night for dinner with the exception of a few Saturdays while traveling…I think I might do that again and soon!
Jennifer recently posted..Holiday Valley, Elicotville, John Harvard’s, Sister Time, Scenic Drive


I once stayed off noodles for a month…and went down by 4 inches around the waist (did not weigh) but within a month, I put it all back…still minus the noodles. In the end, I just went back to eating noodles again. Weight will sure drop if one sticks to nothing but juices. Will have to follow-up with exercise to maintain…or soon, it will be back to square one.
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