Fermenting Adventures: Honey Garlic & Kombucha Tea

Posted by on October 23, 2014 at 6:00 am.

Well… look at my ferments! I’m so happy. I now have three SCOBY’s! I guess I should have posted a picture all of them below, however in the first picture you only see one.

As I mentioned in a prior posts, I want my SCOBY discs a bit thicker and so I’ve added them to another batch of freshly brewed tea using some of the liquid from the first ferment. That liquid, combined with the freshly prepared (and cooled) black tea kept my SCOBY growing.

Fermenting Kombucha and honey garlic

Fermenting Kombucha and honey garlic

With an added bonus that the new SCOBY started forming in one day! I’m unsure if you can see it in the above picture. If you look closely at the jar on the right, you’ll see a thin film at the top of the liquid. That’s my newly formed SCOBY!


Fermenting Kombucha 10.22.14

Fermenting Kombucha

In the above picture you see a bottle of my fermented kombucha. These bottles arrived on Tuesday. They didn’t come assembled, but it really didn’t take much effort to put the cork in place.

You know something? I’m a bit afraid to sample it at the moment. I’m unsure if it’ll be the flavor I like, from my readings it can take a few attempts before your brand-new SCOBY produces the type of kombucha that you like and that’s perfectly understandable when trying something new. You can’t expect to get it right the first time, right? I will say for the final brew, I want fizzy like the GT brand.

�fermenting honey garlic

fermenting honey garlic


Check out my fermenting honey garlic. Do you see all those bubbles? That’s a good sign. I’ve been shaking this jar daily and banishing it back into a dark cabinet. I can’t wait to sample these in a month or so…

Sauerkraut in crock_1 08.24.14

Recycled photo… My fermented sauerkraut has shrunk a lot more than this picture that was originally posted in August.


In other news…

My sauerkraut is doing well. It’s been fermenting for about two months now. I might sample a bit later this week, but plan to let it ferment for at least one more month.


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