Fermenting Adventures: Look at my SCOBY!

Posted by on October 20, 2014 at 6:00 am.
Kombucha SCOBY_1 10.18.14

Kombucha SCOBY

I am so excited that my SCOBY is doing so well. Just look at her! Perhaps I should give her a name, what do you think?

I’m sure some of you might not get why I’m giddy about this blob like disc and others might not even know what a SCOBY is?

A brief refresher for those that don’t know…ย  SCOBY is an acronym for Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast. This is a healthy bacteria. Our body needs beneficial bacteria to function properly. Yeast and bacteria are present during the fermentation of kombucha.When I fermented my kombucha to make a SCOBY it didn’t start as this round disc. Initially all I noticed were bubbles. A few days later I noticed a clear film forming on top of the kombucha. Since I already knew about this process, I wasn’t concerned since it would not be long before I had grown my own SCOBY at home!

This past weekend, I took all my SCOBYs (three) out of the threeย  jars, rinsed them off, added a bit of sugar back to the tea mixture and placed them back into the jar. Correction, I placed them into two jars. The Kombucha that I had made with black tea wasn’t as thick as the SCOBY I made from kombucha only, so I thought I’d combine those two together.

Why did I add more sugar when I placed them back into the jars? The SCOBY eats the sugar so when your kombucha is finally finished it should be left with very little sugar. I say *should* because I did taste a store bought kombucha that was oh so nasty. Blech! They sweetened it with stevia and even though it was brewed it was way to sweet and overpowered with stevia.


In other news…

I believe my water kefir grains will be arriving some time this week. I’m really looking forward to receiving them. In an earlier post I linked to a video about water kefir, it’s history, benefits, and the process involved. I decided to link to another video that is mainly focused on how to make your own water kefir at home.


Kombucha, the Balancing Act


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