Finally placed a yarn order with KnitPicks

Posted by on November 5, 2012 at 7:33 pm.

Ever since I purchased my set of Knit Picks Options nickel plated needles, I’ve been wanting to place a yarn order…

But I dragged my feet since I usually don’t order yarn online. When it comes to my fiber crafts, I’m a visual person, who loves touch what I’m going to purchase. Don’t worry yarn store owners, my hands are clean!  Naturally, I can’t do that when making an online purchase. However I determined that I’d stop making excuses and purchase KnitPicks yarn during the month of October, sort of a 42nd birthday gift for myself.

I drug my feet a little longer, but only missed that by two days, since I finally got around to placing my order this past Friday, November 2. I’m really pleased with my restraint, many of the items I wanted to order I put into my wishlist. If I like the quality of the yarn, you know I’ll be adding items from my wish list into a future purchase.

The lovely Nicole, gifted me with a (birthday) gift certificate, and so I used part of that for Felici Tiki which will be used to make socks for my daughter! Oh by the way, Nicole has a yarnie giveaway, so check out the post!  As you can see from the above screenshot, I also purchased more cables for my interchangeable needles. And I purchased a few knitting needles that will be seeing a lot of sock time, and eight skeins of yarn. Trust me, I wanted to purchase more, but I thought it would be wise to purchase a few, see how I like it before I go yarn crazy!

I might be getting this order tomorrow! Checking online tracking, I noticed my shipment is already at my local post office in Maryland.  Of course, I just want to squeeze the pretties, since I won’t be working on anything until my current pattern test is complete.


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