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Posted by on December 31, 2011 at 6:27 am.

I’ve been a Twitter use for a few years. The past year I haven’t been as active. Occasionally I’d resurface to make an occasional tweet, and just as quickly I’d disappear.

Twitter bird

Twitter was a bit too busy! However, that was partly my fault, since with my HealthyOpal account, I had a little over 800 followers; someone was always tweeting. Although I used TweetDeck, the amount of tweeting that went on, was a bit too busy. In reality, outside of a handful of people, I didn’t feel as if I was interacting with anyone, so I really had no desire to log onto that account.

New Twitter account; @CrunchyOpal

A few days ago, I made another Twitter account, CrunchyOpal, and I must say that I’m enjoying this Twitter experience a lot more. Currently the most people I’ve followed are crocheters.  Which, judging by my recent posts makes perfect sense… Crochet is the newest craft I’ve learned. Since I’m a crochet noob I tend to have questions and the blog sites, forums such as Ravelry, You tube videos by Crochet and Hectanooga1 have all been extremely helpful.

Warm welcome as a noob crocheter

Adding instant communication via Twitter, has made the few crochet roadblocks I’ve encountered so much easier for myself. Many helpful tweets were sent my way, along with direct messages, and mails sent to me on Ravelry. My username is OpalT on that site.

I am thrilled with the amount of crochet lovers I’ve met. I’m in awe with several of the crochet designers I’ve interacted with through the various social media outlets. They dispel the crochet myths that some have of the capabilities of crochet. I am looking forward to joining their ranks someday.

Five more crocheted items have been made

Since crocheting the gold hat for my daughter, I’ve made five more crocheted clothing items for people. So yes, this noob crocheter has been actively crocheting. I’ll be posting a few of those in the upcoming days. This time I’ll be sure I have models for them. You should see me modeling something in the next few weeks, since I’ll be working on a tam hat. I love tams, since my long dreadlocks (nothing dreadful about them) can fit in them neatly.

Photo Source: My Blogging Journey


  • Jennifer says:

    I followed you under @BlissRadioShow – it’s DH;s and my new project! I hope to email you more about interviewing you on a few subjects soon! Would you be up for that!?
    Website is
    Jennifer recently posted..Handmade Beads


    Opal Reply:

    Hi @Jennifer, I’m not sure how I overlooked this post. I’ve followed you via Twitter, and sure I’m always up for an interview — as long as it’s something I’m knowledgeable about. 😉


  • Kate Brown Wilson says:

    By reading your post Opal it inspired me a lot that I should make use of my Twitter account, To be honest I have my own account , but I never make use of it. I really would like to follow important people who teaches us well like you do.
    Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..סולידריות


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