Finding my happy place: End in sight; crochet & knitted bag

Posted by on June 7, 2012 at 4:21 pm.

I’m very pleased with how the crocheted and knitted bag is turning out for my daughter’s teacher.

And while I could easily give it to her tomorrow. I’ve decided to hold off giving it to her until next week. My daughter last day of school is tomorrow, the teachers have another week.  I told Mrs. M; we’d be stopping by next week to bring her garden produce. I didn’t mention the gift. Why ruin the surprise?

Of course, this means I can add additional extras to the bag, I’m really excited. And… I’ll be posting pictures, of the bag, at some point. I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to share a few of the crafts I enjoy within one project.

You know…

I really tried to hold off on doing anything knitting related for a while. I wanted to devote most of my crafting time to crochet, and it worked for about five months. But, I didn’t hold off as long as I’d originally planned. Way too many knitting projects are calling my name, and I’m over the moon about circular knitting needles! Who knew, I’d love them so much!

Since I’m over that crochet learning hump, and have practiced and made numerous crocheted items. I think it’s ok to bring knitting back into the mix, don’t you?

I feel the quality of my crochet is at the level where it can be included with some of my knitting projects. Well… in this case it’s the other way around, since the bag is mainly crochet.

Knitting has decided to make a guest appearance on the crochet bag, and since they are now on the same level, knitting won’t be embarrassed being featured on the same project as crochet.

As I mentioned before, I’m a process crafter. I enjoy the process, more than completing the project, and so in my mind, I’m already lining up other projects for my queue.


With the crochet and knitted bag turning out as I envisioned, I’m definitely in my happy place!


  • suituapui says:

    You’re knitting something for your daughter’s teacher? How sweet and nice of you. Not many parents these days appreciate what the teachers have to go through – most of them are more ready to throw bricks and bats than to show any kind of support for anything at all. Kind of sad that they have little respect for the people in the noble profession anymore (even though some may not be worthy to be called that…or at least, the ones here).
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    Opal Reply:

    But of course @suituapui, outside of myself, she’s the one that sees my daughter the most during the school year. She’s kind and gentle. The children adore her.

    I guess I’m puzzled that people wouldn’t be supportive of those who are doing a great job. I’m like that with everyone.

    Often, people hear only negative comments from others, but I think people should hear positive comments too. Even if they are simply “doing their job.” We all like to be appreciated, and I make sure I do my part to let those that I interact with know that. :).
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    suituapui Reply:

    @Opal, I agree with you 100%. Many teachers do so much for their students but sadly, not all are appreciated. Nice gestures like yours, however small or seemingly significant, would certainly go along way towards boosting their morale and making them feel that it is indeed worthwhile, inspiring them to give even more of themselves. I was a teacher before…
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  • Teeni says:

    Haha! I knew! I knew! I knew you’d end up loving the circulars! :). I think circulars are a bit quicker to knit with for some reason, and also easier to keep your place when you have to put a project down. I figured you would like how smoothly they tend to work through the yarn too. Anyway, pretty neat that you will combine some knitting with the crocheted bag. It must feel good to have a level of comfort with both methods. Heck, now you can make anything you put your mind to!
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    Opal Reply:

    Hi @Teeni,
    Yes, I like them a lot. I’m almost finished a hat that I knitted. I added a little bit of crochet too. Eventually, I’ll purchase interchangeable knitting needles, but right now I’m researching.


  • Ronak says:

    You are very generous to gift your child’s teacher. Rarely do students respect teacher these days and lets not talk about parents doing that. I hope people follow your foot steps.
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    Opal Reply:

    Hi @Ronak, Yes, it is a sad world if students/parents aren’t respecting the teachers. I’m sure there are some bad teachers; you’ll find awful workers in any profession. The majority I’ve met has been amazing. I appreciate all that they do.


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