Finished Object Friday: Two Aminekos are better than one and Swirly Twirly Scarf

I’m finding crochet to be quite addicting, although I’m still new to crochet I usually have something on my hooks.

Recently my finished objects all have one thing in common, they’ve been made for my daughter.

Daughter amineko swirly twirly scarf

But, how can I complain look how adorable she is? The above photo was taken this morning…

I was getting ready to drop her off at her Lutheran school. What’s her expression saying? “Mom, please hurry!”

She’s modeling the swirly twirly scarf, and holding onto the two amineko’s that I crocheted for her. The scarf came off right after this picture was taken. They wear uniforms at her Lutheran school; swirly twirly scarves aren’t part of the dress code.

Amineko love 1 04 20 12

Two aminekos are better than one

I think these two need to get a room, don’t you? The white Amineko is my Finished object for this Friday. The mustard colored amineko was featured last week.

Amineko’s are so much fun to crochet, and my daughter is having a blast placing them in various poses.

She’s named the white amineko Mario. Marigold, is the mustard colored amineko.

Amineko 1 04 20 12

Crochet amineko number two was completed last weekend, but I have to admit my lovely eight-year old daughter helped. She embroidered the face; eyes, nose, and mouth. I must say, for her first time, she did an excellent job.

Amineko love 2 04 20 12

Swirly twirly scarf

Since I adore scarves, I thought it would be smart to start attempting to create them on my own, and that’s why I made the swirly twirly scarf. Marigold is modeling my daughter’s scarf. While Mario is, a bit peeved that their snuggle time was interrupted. Humph!

Red Angry BIrd; still a work in progress

The crocheted Red Angry Bird I’m making for my five-year old nephew still needs eyes. Once I purchase them from a local craft store, I’ll finish the Angry Bird. I’ll crochet the Black Angry Bird bomb, and wrap them up and ship them to Texas.


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Love the cats and the twirly scarf. Too bad it’s not in the dress code! Your daughter did an awesome job with the face 🙂
isaida recently posted..Sweet Random Life


Marigold and Mario do need a room but be careful that you don’t get drafted into crocheting a small house for them. LOLOL!!!

Great projects and your daughter’s too adorable. I love her facial expression.
Nicky recently posted..Cause I Gotta Get Gangsta


Two, definitely, are better than one, in this case! Very cute!
Michelle recently posted..Red Stripe.

Mia@Miami Real Estate

They surely looks so cute together. I love that scarf it blends on those flowers in the background. Nice photo


Oh my gosh, Mario turned out fantastically, and I love the way you’ve posed him and Marigold for the photos. I really need to do some more photo-posing with the Amineko I made. And the scarf you made your daughter looks great on her. 😀
Kathleen recently posted..Ends, Tied Up and Woven In.

Jeanny House

I love those swirly-twirly-ruffled scarves. Perfect for a girl your daughter’s age. It look good on the Amenikos, too!
Jeanny House recently posted..Fiber Arts Friday – Gone to the Dogs


Very very cute!! Welcome to Fibers on Friday! I hope to see you back again!!

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Kathryn | Alpacamundo

Your daughter is very cute in her scarf and aminekos.
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