Finished Objects Friday: Crochet; necklace and cats…

Posted by on April 13, 2012 at 4:44 am.

Has the week flown by for anyone else?

It seems like the other day my daughter was still on spring break.

Today, I have a few finished objects to share…

Crochet necklace 3 04 08 12

My daughter loves this necklace.

The night before Easter, I made this necklace. I design jewelry; wire and beads… but this is the first time I crocheted a necklace. No pattern was used, just single crochet. A simple chain stitch was used, at both ends, to ‘tie’ the necklace.

After taking this photo, I saw a few stray ends that needed to be woven in the necklace. Oops!

Daugher Easter 04 08 12 2

Easter morning, I made matching hair ribbons, to compliment the necklace (and dress).

I still need to learn how to put myself into the creating equation I started crocheting towards the end of last year, I’ve crocheted several items since that time. However, I’ve only made one item for myself, a crocheted headwrap. What can I say? I love sharing with others.

Amineko 1 04 13 12

Yesterday afternoon, I finished Amineko.

My daughter was so thrilled! I sort of led her to believe that I hadn’t finished it. Sneaky mom, I know… I know… 🙂

I didn’t lie to her, when I picked her up from her Lutheran school, she asked whether I had time to work on Amineko, I replied, “I need to do more, perhaps I’ll be able to do that this evening?” She took that to mean, that I hadn’t crocheted the tail or the other leg.

When I finished Amineko, I’d tucked it back into the box she’d placed it in, and pulled the covers up around its chin, so my daughter thought I didn’t touch it while she was away at school. She had a big smile on her face when she pulled Amineko from its ‘bed’ and discovered that the tail and legs had been added.

“Thank you, Mommy!”

Yesterday, she carried Amineko everywhere. She’s named it, Marigold.

While my daughter played on our upright grand piano, Amineko perched on the side, offering piano tips. I should have taken a picture of that.

Amineko daughter 04 13 12

I’m an early riser…

I usually peek into my daughter’s room to see how she’s doing. Here’s what I saw this morning… How sweet is that?

Amineko 2 04 13 12

My daughter made Marigold a bed from one of her shoe boxes. She thoughtfully placed a crocheted doll sized blanket over her too.

When I saw the box…

I was planning on surprising her, by modifying the bed while she’s away at school today, but now that I think about it… I believe this would be a fun project for us to do together.

I’m thrilled with this last project for a variety of reasons, it’s the first Amigurumi I’ve completed, and it’s first crocheted pattern I’ve followed. I usually come up with my own creations.

Although I’m still new to crochet, I didn’t have too many issues making the Amineko. I took my time, additionally, I used the numerous crochet videos available on Youtube, if I ran into any issues.

Crocheting another Amineko

Naturally, I’m already starting to work on my second Amineko, they are simply adorable. The second Amineko will be multicolored.

I used a pattern to crochet Aminko, the pattern is located in the book Hello my name is Aminkeo: The Story of a Crafty Crochet Cat.

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