Flowers in bloom

Flower 1

I’m completely drawing a blank on what this flower is called? When it comes to me, I’ll update this post. I took this picture, this past Friday which was the same day I captured my neighbors pigs.

Last week was fairly hot here in Maryland. So hot, it got into the 80’s F! Which is unseasonably warm for this time of year. The nights stayed warm enough for us to turn on the air conditioner. Because of the warm weather, it meant I was able to get a lot of gardening (weeding and tilling) completed, between client projects. I had a few aches and pains on Saturday, since I was using muscles in different ways than I normally do when exercising (running, inline skating, or working out in the gym) but it felt great! With the added bonus, that I completed my gardening chores in perfect time, since it rained all day yesterday!

Saturday, the temperature dropped to the 60’s… and it rained all day! Which sets the perfect scene for staying inside, however in the morning my daughter and me were at our Lutheran Church volunteering at their food pantry. Thirteen families arrived between 10:00 and 12:00 to receive grocery bags (filled with food) for their families.  I enjoyed chatting with the families, and the other volunteers.

Today our highest was 51 F. This evening, the temperature will be down to about 36F.

Edited to add The flowers are hyacinths! Karen, pointed that out in the comments section.

Screen shot 2012 03 26 at 11 41 50 AM


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kind of looks like hyacinths to me
Karen recently posted..The Farmers Wife–A Finish!


Beautiful!!! Spring is in the air, isn’t it? Hope it will be a year of blue skies and everything nice.
suituapui recently posted..24/7-365…


[…] Remember the flowers I posted yesterday? Well, they’re Hyacinths. […]


Gorgeous pictures of the flowers!!!!!
Jennifer recently posted..Day TWO Blog Hop for Chalk