Fun with Raw foods

Posted by on April 23, 2012 at 5:55 am.

For myself, there’s nothing like biting into a ripe peach, juicy tomato, or munching on some dark leafy greens; pure heaven!

We eat plenty of raw foods in our household. I’ve always enjoyed eating foods fresh from the garden. The flavor is miles ahead of what you find in the grocery store. I realize that I’m fortunate to be able to have a garden filled with organic produce.

The beauty of gardening is that you don’t need a lot of area to grow vegetables, so even if your in an urban setting you can have a garden, it just won’t be as big.

Colorful vegetables

Raw food made easy

A  few years ago, I decided to go raw for thirty days. no reason really, it’s something I never tried, and I wanted to eat lighter meals. Eating raw foods was the perfect option.  I’d already eating a lot of raw foods, and I thought it would be interesting to see how I’d manage during that month. Well, a month turned into a year. Initially, it was challenging creating food in a different way, but I soon learned simple is best;  occasionally I’d make elaborate raw food meals, but they were rare.

Over the course of a year, my eyes were open to numerous raw food delicious dishes that I prepared while experimenting in the kitchen.

When I gradually started introducing cooked foods into my eating lifestyle, my raw food pasta maker, Kitchen Aid food processor, and Vita Mix blender, received a permanent spot in the kitchen; because they are amazing.  Six years later, and those machines are still doing well. Foods that are constantly in our rotation are raw collard wraps, vegetable pasta, raw sandwiches, and a variety of homemade butters; raw almond butter is my favorite.

I’ve always had a lot of energy, I did notice an increase while I ate only raw foods, which amazed my friends, since they know the amount of energy I had before. Afterwards, my love for dark leafy greens increased, and you could actively find me trying to include raw or lightly steamed portions into my daily routine.

These days, I still eat a high amount of raw foods, but I have been thinking about eating only raw food for a time. During that time, I’ll share some of the recipes here at Celebrate Life. Today, I believe I’ll be making some type of raw food pasta dish, and so I’ll be sure to take a few photos of whatever I create.

In other news…

WordPress: Disappearing comments

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It appears like some of my WordPress comments have disappeared. Uh oh! Crochet and knitting diva, Nicole, and a brand-new reader (who’s name I can’t remember offhand) have gone missing. After a lot of research it seems that I’ll need to log into phpMyAdmin and repair the comments database, and so I’ll be taking care of that later today.

Once repaired, the comments that disappeared should reappear. Yeah!


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