Furbaby Adventures: Female Rabbit Bonding; Snuggle time

Since I first wrote my initial post about female rabbit bonding, Gracie and Oreo have had spending time together daily.
Female rabbit bonding_1

We place them close together and hold them. Oreo, our spayed rabbit, is the one that can get aggressive, but thus far she’s doing well. My main goal is to make Oreo not feel intimidated by Gracie. Hopefully there won’t be any more rabbit attacks.

As mentioned in earlier posts. We received Oreo, our Netherland dwarf rabbit, from the Humane Society of Harford County. Although a very sweet bunny, it was obvious that she wasn’t around other animals too much and would occasionally become territorial around certain of our pets; Angel and Gracie.

After Gracie’s stitches were removed, I thought that it might be time to do limited bonding since Oreo’s temperament, around our other pets, has mellowed.

Female rabbit bonding_2

And yesterday, for the first time, Oreo turned around and sniffed Gracie. Which was great.  Too bad we didn’t get a picture of that.

Female rabbit bonding_4

Gracie, our lionhead rabbit, has been turning around to get a better look at Oreo since we started the bonding sessions. I’m still cautious which is why you’ll see my hands petting them to keep them calm. It also means I can quickly separate them if things get out of hand.

They seem to enjoy these bonding sessions and I’m at the point now where I don’t have to hold them constantly. They seem to accept each other scent. Hopefully I’ll get shots of that sometime this week. They are fine just sitting by each other, wiggling their noses contentedly.

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So glad to hear they are doing well and are bonding with each other 🙂 These photos are super cute!
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