Furbaby adventures: Giving Gracie, our lionhead rabbit, her medication

Posted by on August 24, 2013 at 7:54 pm.

A few days ago… I took this picture of Gracie. Which would explain why she has stitches in the picture below. This morning, her stitches were removed.

Lionhead rabbit-giving Gracie her meds_2

My daughter, giving Gracie (our lionhead rabbit) her medication


As you can see, Gracie really doesn’t mind taking this medication. I’m guessing it tastes great. Yesterday, marked the last day that she has to take this medicine. She has two more (out of the four original medications) to take. Tomorrow is the last day for the nasty medication she doesn’t like, and Monday, she’ll receive her last penicillin shot.

I must say she’s been a great patient and hasn’t even flinched at taking the needle.


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