Furbaby adventures: Here’s Gracie…

Posted by on August 10, 2013 at 11:32 pm.

Well, here’s the surprise that I wrote about yesterday.

Lionhead rabbit My daughter wGracie_2

Gracie is another rescue. She’s a young lionhead rabbit. I think she’s about four months old?

Lionhead bunnies are one of the newest rabbit breeds.
Lionhead rabbit My daughter wGracie_3

And like most rabbits, she loves to get into everything.

Lionhead rabbit_Oreo & Gracie_2

Gracie meeting Oreo


I have no time to write about her (this evening) and how I acquired her from “A” (a truly amazing lady.) But I’ll be sure to post the story some time soon. Well, if you are my contacts that I sent a ‘Custom message’ to on Facebook than you know some of the story. All, I’ll say is that I’m thrilled that she now has a forever home and I’m truly thankful that A rescued her.



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